Finger The Fraudsters Instead Of Blaming The Bureaucrats

Published on 9th October 2018 by Stickboy BKK

Following yesterday’s announcement from the British Embassy in Bangkok that they will no longer issue certification of income letters to British Nationals who require it as a supporting document for obtaining a Thai retirement or marriage visa extension of stay, the internet exploded with outrage.

Social media users slammed the British bureaucrats on Wireless Road calling them incompetent, useless, lazy… even the politicians in the UK came under fire and were also being blamed for the changes set for Jan. 1 2019.

The statement read the embassy is stopping the service because it is unable to fulfil the Thai authorities’ requirements to verify the income stated on the documents, not just the authenticity of the signature.

Finger The Fraudsters Instead Of Blaming The Bureaucrats

However, it is clearly another case of shoot the messenger and on this very rare occasion, it’s not Thai Immigration on the receiving end of all the flak when it is clearly a change brought about by them that has resulted in the change of policy from the British Embassy – with Canada, USA, Australia and the most EU nations set to follow.

The Immigration Bureau now require what is stated on the income letter to be factually correct if it has been notarized by the embassy.

This would mean each confirmation of income letter would have to be checked individually with the banks, employers, pension funds or financial institutions listed as the income source. A logistical, time-consuming nightmare.

Think Data Protection Act for starters – and that doesn’t even skim the surface of the hoops and hurdles embassy officials would need to jump to verify the each letter.

visa agents

A question the complainers should be asking is why did the Immigration Bureau bring about this change and start looking at all the dodgy visa agents offering special services.

“No money, no problem” is often seen in big bold letters on ads and banners for retirement visa companies. Claims of contacts at immigration are commonplace too. Nothing short of saying, “If you want a visa but don’t meet the criteria, don’t worry, we’re bribing someone and knocking up dodgy docs that will see you alright – for a fee”.

Those are the people to be sounding off at not embassy officials.

It is the fraudsters with no money, using shady agents who are to blame, leaving those who play by the rules now inconvenienced.

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