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Published on 25th September 2017 by Stickboy BKK

I don’t read any forums as they’ve never been my cup of tea as conversations no matter the board or topic always end up derailed by idiots and taken off topic by morons not smart enough to open a new thread.

That doesn’t stop me hearing about some of the nonsense spouted by the “experts” on several nightlife related forums as friends and followers read them on a regular basis who share the odd screenshot or story with me for laughs.

Most of these forums need shutting down for the sheer amount of fake “news”, bullshit and downright lies published by the nameless, faceless know-it-all’s who in reality don’t know much of much.

Out they come with their “sources” talking about this, that and the next which is so far off the mark I’m left thinking they are laid in bed of a morning dreaming up tales to try and impress or outdo the other regulars with inside knowledge of the nightlife business in Bangkok.

forum fruitloops keyboard warriors

The latest “insight” from the “experts” is over last Tuesday’s visit to Soi Cowboy and then Nana Plaza by some higher ups, from the military and RTP.

It is claimed that this visit was related to a viral video of a coyote boss slapping dancers for breaking the house rules. You can read all the background on that story here, as I’m too lazy to repeat myself.

The dancers who reported their coyote agency bosses to the Anti-Human Trafficking Division told officers they worked out of a bar on Soi 33, not Soi Cowboy.

However, like many coyote agencies, they supplied dancers all over Bangkok so girls on the books can be in one bar one night and in another the next that’s in a different area. Some of them move around, a lot.

Even so, the visits to Cowboy and Nana were NOT raids related to the video but rather a planned PR exercise just like this one, and this one, and this one.

The visits also had nothing to do with local police districts who oversee day to day operations, not human trafficking issues, which is what the big stir over the video was all about.

When it comes to something so serious, the police taking part would be from other divisions such as 191, Metro, Immigration, Tourist, AHTD and in recent years they are always accompanied by various military personnel.

A bunch of top brass with a press pack are not out to raid anything other than the drinks cabinet at a far away place as soon as they get those all important poses out the way for the morning newspapers and get out of Dodge as quick as they can.

But reading some of the forum threads you could easily be fooled into thinking the bars had sent most of their staff home and the walls were about to come crashing down.

Utter garbage.

forum fruitloops keyboard warriors

Other recent “exclusives” were about rents and monetary payments. When that story was shared with me there were only two people to ask who both told me the figures were off – so more bollocks being typed out as truths that the gullible are believing to be true and repeating as such.

“That bar has ladyboys”, “yeah so does that one”, “I know 100% for a fact it does”… this stuff is such a snoozefest if you know the truth but such talk is potentially damaging to both the income and reputation of the bars being named by someone with an axe to grind for reasons known only to them. Otherwise, why would you take to a public forum to tell blatant lies?

Are the posters trying to impress their forum buddies that they are in the know because their unofficial source – aka Little Lek – told them the latest gossip from her bar over a lady drink?

And God help anyone who questions, contradicts or expresses a differing opinion from the “experts”.

It becomes and all out assault and the hardcore posters gang up to brow beat and abuse anyone talking some sense.

forum fruitloops keyboard warriors

And BTW, I don’t profess to know it all because I don’t.

But I do know enough people who are in the know that I can call to ask either on or off the record about a story that 99% of the time shows these forum fruitloops for what they are – deluded dreamers.

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