Could Gambling Be The Cherry On Top Of The Cake For Pattaya?

Published on 2nd November 2016 by Stickboy BKK

There are plenty of rumours flying around that gambling could soon be legalised in Thailand which could prove to be the cherry on top of a very successful cake.

Pattaya is excellent at moving with the times and providing everything that visitors want and demand. This has happened in recent years with the increasing influx of families – something that would never have been imagined just a few years ago.

Gambling would bring new visitors in its own right and therefore the real estate market would need to adjust and evolve to cater for this. One thing is for certain and that is there would be a dramatic increase in the number of visitors heading to the city.

This would mean there would be a need for more hotels and condos to cater for everyone – the problem being that there is only a finite amount of land and rooms available. Lack of supply will naturally mean a hike in prices and this price rise will be an ongoing trend as Pattaya continues to grow.

As Pattaya grows everyone will benefit in both the short and long term.

Land owners and property owners will likely benefit the most as their assets will rocket in value but other entertainment venues are likely to feel a boost as well as the local economy in general. It really would be the cherry on top of the cake for the area and even Thailand as a whole. A greater number of visitors creates more jobs and generates more revenue – a large proportion of which will be reinvested back into the city.

Could Gambling Be The Cherry On Top Of The Cake For Pattaya

Gambling was successful in Macau prior to 2002 but the lifting of restrictions really boosted the city to such an extent that it became the highest revenue generating gambling city in the world in 2007 – passing even the Las Vegas Strip. The relaxing of restrictions was again the cherry on top of the cake in this instance and Macau has never looked back since. It wouldn’t seem unreasonable to predict that a similar outcome would happen in Pattaya.

To sum up, Pattaya is an incredibly successful city in its own right at the present time and has a very healthy economy. Gambling would undoubtedly give the local economy a significant boost and in turn the property market would also benefit from rising prices.

Investors are now in a position where they can generate significant capital gains by simply buying at the right time. The market is by no means suppressed but it is expected to grow significantly in the near future once gambling and casinos become legalised. If ever there was a time to buy, that time is now.

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