Going Backwards

Published on 14th September 2017 by Stickboy BKK


In late April I rolled out Stickboy 3.0 only to ditch it for 4.0 two months later and here we are three months on back at version 2.0 which isn’t responsive nor does it have a mobile version enabled.

A lot of work, time and trouble went into updating the site to give visitors what they were asking for and I will deliver but what I won’t do is use a theme that has been exposed as vulnerable to exploits and hacks.

Let me be clear here, the site wasn’t attacked or hacked.

I was trying to debug a load speed issue when I discovered the security alert and decided within 10 seconds to pull it offline, delete it from the server and rollback to the old layout to prevent any disasters.

Of course, I will endeavour to deliver what you the readers want in the weeks ahead. I will also tidy up any small errors that going backwards may have caused.

The situation isn’t perfect but I’d rather be safe than sorry. Not to mention this has solved the load speed issue as this theme is like shit off a shovel.

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