Going From A Lada To A Lambo

Last week I mentioned on social media I finally got around to upgrading my internet connection to TOT Fiber moving into the modern age of decent speeds.

With 100 Mbps download and 50 Mbps upload the difference is remarkable over my ADSL connection with both costing the same price, 700 baht per month.


However, my 7-year-old notebook had seen better days and was becoming impossible to work with some days. It was time for old Stick to splash the cash and buy a new computer.

I considered going to Fortune Town and picking one up but a scan online found me browsing around invadeit.co.th where I spotted a decent Acer machine.

A quick email to see if it was in stock came back with the bad news it wasn’t available but the next model up was at only 2,000 baht more although it didn’t come with any OS.

Okay, bang Windows 10 on it for a couple of grand and we’re good to go.

I went for the Acer Aspire GX-281 that comes with:

AMD Ryzen 5 1600
GeForce GTX1060 3GB GDDR5

lada lambo

The machine was ready on Monday and arrived at 10am Tuesday via Kerry Express for a delivery charge of only 210 baht.

I got straight to work setting it up using LapLink PCMover Express to transfer all my files over. 64Gb of photos, videos and music took around 2 hours. The program was very simple to use and well worth the 500 baht it cost as it also saves some settings and profiles for programs and Windows.

With 80% of the setup complete to match my working environment on the old notebook it was time to see what this box of tricks could do.


Good Lawrd it’s like shit off a shovel. I’ve gone from an old Lada to a Lambo.

As a test I fired up Tweetdeck that has 17 columns. Recently this has been slow and sticky with regular freezes and timely to fully load.

Clicking the icon on both machines at the same time the new toy thrashed the old Dell fully loading and ready to use in just 9 seconds compared to 1 minute 36 seconds on the laptop.

Over the weekend I will finish off the setup and get Steam installed for a bit of Grand Theft Auto.

I should have done this sooner…

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