Are You Going Sober For October?

Go Sober for October is an initiative by Macmillan Cancer Support in the UK that encourages people to go booze-free for the 31 days of October and raise funds for their charity at the same time.

Someone asked me the other day was I going to do it and my reply was, “Why would I want to stay sober for a month?” – silly business that.

It sounds good in practice but the chances of me making it 2 or 3 days without a beer just wouldn’t happen. I’d be fooling nobody and would waste good drinking days kidding myself I’d manage the entire month.

And think of all the business I’d lose. Every deal, every story start with me holding a beer. A man must make a living.

Go Sober For October

Now that’s just me, Sloshboy Bangkok but what about you? Will you be going sober for October?

You’d be feeling fit as a fiddle after 4 booze-free weeks and have saved a few shillings along the way.

It could be the new you… or maybe not. I can’t see anyone in Bangkok pulling this off for one reason or another.

Ah well, there’s always the New Years Resolution bs just around the corner.

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