Good News, Bad News: Crazy House’s New Lights Still Suck

Published on 20th April 2019 by Stickboy BKK

Even its most ardent fans will agree, Crazy House may be the worst-designed go-go bar on the planet. Chief among its faults has been the seizure-inducing lights that blind even those sitting upstairs near the glass floor. Well, good news: Those lights have been replaced.

You’d think it would be good news to hear that round, programmable LED lights now standard in most Bangkok bars were installed. But this being Crazy House, the interior decorators still found a way to screw it up.

The good news is the tone of the lighting is much easier on the eyes. The old banks of lights flashed white and one colour, off and on like a strobe. The new ones rotate between red, green and blue. The result is that the illumination of all that skin on stage is much more even and easier to survey.

That is if you can see the stage. Whereas the old banks of lights were on the side of the stage closest to the door and the side pointing to the back of the bar, the new lights are on the door-side and along the back side, meaning the lights now face the majority of patrons.

New Lights Still Suck

Worse, they are angled about the 4 o’clock position, 5 degrees down from horizontal. That’s directly into the eyes of anyone sitting on the stools or benches.

The lights were so blinding, Crazy Tarts were shading their eyes to scout out their next victims. Baseball caps are suggested for patrons if you want to see anything on stage or around you. Or just sit in the back.

There is hope that the powers that be realised they cocked up the whole system. The oversized ladyboy managing Crazy House admitted last night that the lighting was “not good”.

Also, the same lights were installed in Crazy House-owned Five Star and were a complete disaster when it first opened, pointing directly down 180 degrees on top of the girls. Blinded, the girls moved the lights, leaving the stage in darkness.

Those same lights have since been repositioned at a 45-degree angle from the back of the stage. It’s bright for patrons, but at least you can see the meat on the buffet table.

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