Hacked Off

Published on 2nd September 2015 by Stickboy BKK

Hacked Off

So Stickboy Bangkok finally returns to the interwebs after being offline for almost 36 hours… and what a screw up this turned out to be.

The TL;DR account of things is Stickboy Bangkok wasn’t compromised in any way and no files or the database were infected with any malicious code or nasties. Everything is as it was before and there is nothing to worry about so far as visiting and browsing round the site goes. If it wasn’t the site wouldn’t be back live online – the host wouldn’t allow it for one but neither would I want to jepordise losing valued readers by doing a rush job if the site had been compromised.

The reason the site wasn’t compromised is the hacker went into the server and went straight to the folder named “StickboyBangkok”. Unlucky for him (or her) as that folder is just a pile of old WordPress files and themes that ISN’T live. It never has been and wouldn’t work as it isn’t connected to a database. A folder that looks like a WP install but nothing more.

I host dozens of small static websites on this server which means each one has a folder in the root directory, each of course with a name. The folder names don’t always reflect the name of the actual domain they are assigned to and when I launched Stickboy Bangkok it was stored in a folder with an unrelated name.

I’ve no idea who was behind the attack or what their intentions were and I don’t care. All the hosting company told me was it originated in Thailand and access was gained through FTP which they have now taken extra measures to prevent happening again.

I’m just hacked off at not being around yesterday to deal with it sooner when it happened and also the site being offline for such a lengthy period of time which is an inconvenience to readers and advertisers. The hosting company also dragged their feet big time and kept the server in lockdown far longer than they needed to. No files on any of the hosted sites were affected as the warning system yanked the box offline giving the hacker no time to carry out whatever they had planned.

All I can do is apologise to everyone and get back to whatever it is I do around here…

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