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Published on 25th June 2018 by Stickboy BKK

With the recent closures of Southeast Asia’s two biggest escort resources, Backpage and the Craigslist’s casual encounters, the P4P scene has been looking for the next big thing. Offering a new take on paid for dating, Smooci is a new concept which has already taken the Bangkok scene by storm.

Smooci is the first genuine live Escort booking platform, offering real time searches, 100% verified comments and picture ratings, and bookings set up and confirmed in a few clicks.


How Smooci works

Clients can make bookings via the site smooci.com ; click on the search button, select their requirements, and get a long list of ‘live’ results.

While the clients use the site, the escorts work via an app. They control their profile on the app, and use the app to show their location, live availability, and to manage their bookings. When a client places a booking that request goes direct to the app of the escort who has 5 minutes to accept or decline the booking.

Once a booking is confirmed the escort receives a GPS tracking route to the client, informing them of the expected travel time (and recommended time to start their journey). And once the escort sets off the client is sent a link informing them their dates is on the way and giving them the ability to track the GPS progress, like watching a pizza delivery, with accurate location progress and arrival time.


Changing the game

The concept is clear; Smooci are trying to create an even playing field, rewarding the good and genuine performers, removing the scams and baiting, creating greater competition and giving the clients genuine and reliable information.

Smooci don’t take any cut of the booking payments, which is still kept discreetly between the client and escorts, meaning they get to encourage lower pricing. Smooci monetize through premium membership which are reasonable low priced and on a par with most dating sites. The premium memberships give a few nice extra features but ultimately clients can still book without going premium or signing up to the site.


The future of Smooci

They seem to be working on a lot of new features, with their newest function being the ability to set alerts; clicking to be notified when an escort next comes online, which notifies her of the interest and discreetly notifies the client as soon as that escort next becomes available.

They’ve also made progress with several expansions, becoming well established in Manila, and setting their foot in the Singapore and Hong Kong markets (launching in Hong Kong on June 29th). They also seem to be planning for a launch in Pattaya, which should be an interesting one.

The future looks bright and the highlights of Smooci seem to be lower costs, more choice, more information, and ultimately more control.

You can also follow Smooci on their recently launched Twitter (follow here) where they highlight their new sign ups, best performers, and important site updates.

Disclaimer: this article, as clearly tagged in the title, is sponsored content which was provided and paid for by Smooci.

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