Having A Whale Of A Time At Lollipop

Published on 23rd February 2020 by Stickboy BKK

Whales in the naughty boy bars were pretty common back in the day with 1,000 baht bills flying around like confetti and the sweet sound of cha-ching ringing in the ears of bar owners.

As times change so has the go-go bar business and the days of big spenders blowing hundreds of thousands in a few hours have all but dried up.

Sure, they still make an appearance now and again as one did out of the blue last week at Lollipop in Nana Plaza.

Whale Of A Time

Armed with what must have been at least a million baht, one guy had a whale of a time and the staff were very well compensated for giving him the night of his life.

20,000 baht tips were handed over to each and every dancing dollybird who joined him at his table for a drink.

The Papasan must have creamed his pants when he was gifted a whopping 100,000 baht tip as the western guy said his goodbyes.

His bar bill was a juicy six-figure sum that would have fed a small Isaan village for six months.

And please, please don’t email me with your doom and gloom about how this guy spunked his cash away because it was precisely that, HIS CASH to spend however the hell he wants. For all we know he could have been given a month to live and wants to live large while he’s still breathing.

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