March Is Looking Good For Many Bars – Has High Season Come Late?

Published on 5th March 2016 by Stickboy BKK

I was out and about on Friday night and I have to say, it was looking busier than it has in a long time around town with The Worlds Largest Adult Playground crowded at midnight and some Patpong bars with standing room only.

Being the first Friday after payday you’d expect everywhere to be rocking by 9pm but things were off to a slow start in the beer bars of Soi 4 with many of the usual suspects posted missing from their after-work barstools.

Fast forward an hour and it was a different picture with lots of boots on the ground and backsides on seats.

It looked like high season with tourists and punters aplenty.

soi 4

In Nana Plaza it was a full house at Bangkok Bunnies by 11pm and the owner was stood with a huge grin on his face as he told me business was on the up which pretty much echos what is happening on the third floor at Billboard too.

Business growing, record number of bar fines and a busy bar most nights of the week is the order of the day for both of those chrome pole palaces and they are not the only venues doing well.

Over the past week many other bar owners and managers have told me they have seen a noticeable rise in figures which can only be a good thing after such a lousy high season.

Maybe it has just come late this year? Your guess is as good as mine.

Nana Plaza sign

When I left the Sukhumvit strip for Patpong, it was the same story in that neck of the woods too with Bada Bing full, Club Electric Blue had a decent crowd and even some of the old school Patpong 1 bars were busy. Now that’s saying something as you can be the only customer sat in those places some nights.

The biggest difference between Nana and Patpong was the number of Japanese hanging out in Bangkok’s oldest red light district compared to a more touristy crowd at Nana.

bada bing

Of course, there is always some bad news to go with the good, this is Thailand after all.

At around 1.45am the army turned up in Patpong and told everyone to shutdown by 2am although there was one exception – the small Last Orders bar next to The Strip which was still going strong at 4am with a dozen customers while everywhere else was in darkness with the doors locked.

And just as the army were busying themselves in Patpong, the boys in brown took it upon themselves to shut down some of the late night street bars along the odd numbered side of Sukhumvit Rd, leaving only those serving food open. Of course, you could still enjoy a beer with your street food just as long as the plastic cup it was served in didn’t put you off.

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