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Published on 27th May 2015 by Stickboy BKK

15k house bangkok

I’ve read a ton of house hunting tales over the years and most make finding a new pad in Bangkok sound like a nightmare experience. I found it anything but and despite one small hiccup a new gaff was signed and sorted within a few days of me starting my search.

Son of Stick’s arrival meant a bigger place to stay was needed so on Friday night I set about finding us diggs before his plane landed on Monday. Within an hour I had 5 condos on the shortlist plus 2 houses.

House number 1 was in Ari, 130 odd square meters – which probably included the car parking area – and came in at a bargain 12k a month partially furnished with internet and cable. Sorted out a viewing and all was done and dusted after a quick look for the advertiser only to go and pull the plug on the deal a few hours later. The excuses were pathetic and if only they’d been honest and said they’d got a better offer on the monthly rent I’d have kicked off a bidding war as this place was worth a fair bit more than the 12k being quoted. It didn’t happen and it was back to the shortlist.

I crossed off four of the condos as after a second look I’d changed my mind and didn’t like what I was seeing any more. The other house was a beauty but my lad didn’t want to stay somewhere without a BTS or MRT within walking distance. Another one crossed off which left me one last place to try before starting my search all over again.

The last place was a biggish condo with 2 bedrooms / bathrooms and came with all the basics like beds and a sofa but not much more for 14,000 baht a month. A viewing was arranged with the landlord and remarkably the place looked exactly like the photos and all was as described. If only more ads were so honest, it would save everyone a lot of wasted time. Two months deposit and a months rent upfront was handed over, autographs on lots of papers and by Tuesday morning a new place was all sorted. Moving in date June 1st. Job done and hassle free. Sure the Ari landlord pulled a dick move but it’s not worth wasting any brain power on.

thaihometown website

Whilst searching I didn’t use any English language property websites to come up with my shortlist and using an agent was never gonna happen. Listening to some twat chasing a commission… no thanks.

The two Thai rentals sites I’d suggest for anyone looking are and Tons of choice and some hidden gems in there too like the 2 bedroom / 2 bathroom house with a pool for 15k a month. I also had Stickgirl browsing too but she was picking places that were cheap and cheerful but inconveniently located but for anyone who drives they’d be worth a look.

The house in the lead photo would have been my first choice for a viewing but its location knocked that idea on the head immediately. An absolute bargain this place …

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