How A Story Can Change

Published on 16th November 2015 by Stickboy BKK

Sitting reading through Monday’s news updates I seen yet again how a story can drastically change when published in English a couple of days after the event has occurred.

This often happens and details can vary dramatically depending on which news site you read, Thai and English.

How A Story Can Change

The story of the startled elephant I shared yesterday is a good example to use of how “facts” can change in the space of 24 hours.

On Saturday night Thai media reported those injured at the Chiang Mai Night Safari were all Chinese. Today the Nation name the nine people hurt and it turns out they were all Thai, not Chinese.

Initial reports said the elephant became agitated by a lion, today Khaosod and the Nation report it was a lion cub and tiger cub joining the parade or the flash of a camera that upset the Jumbo.

A reader who claims to have witnessed the incident left a comment that would knock all those theories on the head if true:

That is wrong, i was next to the lion, and it was a cub that did not want to walk had to be carried away,, it was not startled by the lion cub, i have proof on video, the animal was stressed before it happened. a least be honest.

As for the injuries, Sunday morning reports said two people were left with broken legs yet today that figure has jumped to four seriously injured.

Reading this story yesterday then again today pretty much all that remains the same is nine people were hurt by an out of control elephant at the Chiang Mai Night Safari and the owners are footing the medical bills.

The rest of the story changes depending on which publication you read.

Laziness when it comes to checking details, making assumptions and running them as fact all make for a story being reported inarticulately which leads to me being accused of getting it wrong when I share something I think will be of interest to readers which simply isn’t the case.

If Thailand’s biggest newspapers can’t get it right, then what hope is there for me when sharing the story with you?

And for the record, I believe the Bangkok Post do a better job than all the rest of the English language news outlets put together when it comes to accuracy.

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