How Many Farrang Deaths Get Swept Under The Carpet?

How Many Farrang Deaths Get Swept Under The Carpet

This morning I found myself wondering how many deaths of foreigners go unreported here in Thailand after hearing a first hand account of an American who was found dead in his Soi 11 hotel room on Monday .

After an hour of searching on a half dozen Thai news websites and several Facebook pages I couldn’t find a single report regarding a dead foreign man found in a lower Sukhumvit hotel any time in the past few days. Dead foreigners more often than not make the Thai news, far more than the English language dailies who take an asshole editorial attitude over reporting them with a policy that certainly has no consistency.

The middle aged American called Sean had a bust up with a Thai woman he has known for a number of years on Friday night and after failing to get a reply from him over the weekend his lady friend went to his hotel on Tuesday only to be told he’d been found dead in his room the previous day.

His body is now laid in a hospital morgue and the cause of death should be known later this evening when the Chiang Mai based American’s bit on the side goes to identify him and find out exactly what happened to him.

Had it not been for the fact I know the woman this latest farrang death would have gone unreported which had me asking myself how many others pass away that we never hear about?

Anyone want to hazard a guess?