I Am Thailand’s Best Blogger

I Am Thailand’s Best Blogger is a bold statement to make as is saying I have Thailand’s Best Blog… but when you have better content than anyone else that is better written too and totally awesome traffic with ads generating out of this world click through rates it would be hard not to call it Thailand’s Best Blog.

In fact, it’s so damn good others are stealing the content and republishing it on their own second rate blogs that are nothing but poor copies of the best.

best thailand blogger

I wouldn’t describe myself as a blogger, digital douchebag, journalist, editor or any other bullshit title people feel they need to give themselves. I’m just a guy who runs a website. That’s it.

I also don’t describe Stickboy Bangkok as a blog. To me it’s a website and if I had to describe it then I’d go with “Entertainment Website”. My idea of a blog is probably old school as when I first started this internet lark you used html and FTP, not idiot proof tools handed to you free like the WordPress CMS. Blogs were nothing more than digital diaries that people hoped the masses would come and read all about their uninteresting lives and in my opinion that still makes up a vast number of blogs in 2015.

Now that I’ve explained that I don’t call myself a blogger nor describe Stickboy Bangkok as a blog the penny will have dropped that I’m not the one claiming to be Thailand’s Best Blogger or own and run Thailand’s Best Blog.

The man making those claims runs a nightlife / sex blog that he updates once in a blue moon with rehashed content we’ve been reading since the first Bangkok nightlife websites came online in the early nineties. Same same no different. That is unless you count the “best this” or “top ten that” lists which are nothing more than one persons opinion on a bunch of venues or whatever the topic is. Not that you can believe all you read as paid posts and reviews aren’t marked as sponsored on Thailand’s Best Blog, so you have no way of knowing what is a genuine review and what someone has paid to be written about their bar, product or service.

Thailand’s Best Blog my arse.

Thailand’s Best Sex Blog is a maybe but then there’s not much competition in that category like there would be in the travel niche that is drowning in bloggers. And a blog explaining how to score with “good girls” can hardly be compared to those that focus on topics such as food, tourism or news. That is just stupid +100.

The self proclaimed Best Blogger In Thailand is mouthing cheques his sex site just can’t cash no matter what way he tries to paint it and it’s time he put a sock in it when comparing his blog, traffic and ad CTR to Stickboy Bangkok.

I have never claimed to be this, that or anything in regard to other websites out there in the Thai-centric web world because I’m not interested in what others are doing, I’m interested in what is going on around here and only here. If people want to let their ego run away with them and shout from the rooftops they are the best then go for it – just keep Stickboy out of it.

And if anyone is wondering why I haven’t named the self proclaimed best blogger in Thailand it’s because his blog is so damn good he doesn’t need the extra traffic me mentioning it would send. 555+