I Hope Japanese Mouthpiece Koki Aki Is Happy With Himself Today

Published on 20th April 2015 by Stickboy BKK

I Hope Japanese Mouthpiece Koki Aki Is Happy With Himself Today

Bangkok resident and motormouth complainer Koki Aki should be a very happy Jappy this morning with the news that the two taxi drivers who charged his friends a flat fee instead of using the meter have been handed lifetime bans from Suvarnabhumi airport.

Yes, you can rightly say that their punishment is fitting as they should have used the meter but hang on just a minute. Two cabs, 11 people and all their luggage with a total bill of 1,350 baht plus tollway fees is not an unfair price.

Dalat Assawet, deputy director of the airport, said today after an investigation into Koki’s claims that the taxi drivers charged 6 Japanese tourists 600b and the other five tourists 550b that INCLUDED tollway fees. So was it 1,150b or 1,350b plus as Koki claims?

No one mentions where this trip was to so lets assume it was the same destination as his first complaint back in January which was Saphan Kwai. Either of the two fares mentioned seems perfectly reasonable to me for all the bodies and bags transported. The meter rate would fall far short of a realistic price.

If I had 11 friends arriving at the airport I wouldn’t be saying, okay grab a taxi and make your way here. I’d organise a minivan and make sure there was plenty of space for everyone and their bags but kee nok Koki is too miserable for that and wants to rip the system down to it’s bare backside and pay the least amount possible.

To me Koki is just a tight bastard. So tight in fact you probably couldn’t slide a credit card down the crack of his arse. I only have two words for the man – Karma bitch. Bangkok has 140,000 cabbies and one day his tea will be out when one of the fruitloops amongst the taxi army recognises him and dishes out some rough justice on behalf of his comrades for taking rice out the family food bowl.

What this story highlights once again isn’t that airport taxi drivers are a bunch of crooks but the pricing for airport taxis is all wrong and far too cheap. You can’t expect to open the door and hop in with 35 baht on the meter and a miserable 50 baht surcharge when you have 5 passengers all with suitcases, backpacks and whatever else they have brought iin the way of personal belongings.

If the taxi drivers association and the airports got their act together and put in place a proper pricing system for airport taxis, complaints would take a dramatic fall. And those unwilling to pay a fair price can easily take the bus or ARL to save a couple of hundred baht.

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