I’m Happy To Plug Your Party, Promos & Events But…

I have been asked a few times this past month why I didn’t share this poster or that event and to save me repeating myself over and over explaining why I skipped something I thought it would be easier to share what is needed for a free plug here on Stickboy.

Sending me a poster with no info is going to see me do nothing other than archive the email. Emailing a sports event without at least three paragraphs of info on the event itself and any promos running means the same – I won’t post it as I’d be doing all the donkey work.

Expecting me to see your Facebook update or event is def not the way to go either. FB shows only a fraction of page followers what is posted and the number of pages I’d need to follow would mean reinventing the clock with 25 hours in a day to scan them all.

And another one is posters with bottles of beer / spirits showing their label or a branded glass containing booze. Another no-no. They are actually illegal and I landed myself in hot water over sharing one such poster on Facebook a few months ago. So that type of promo, esp on social media, gets skipped. The easiest workaround is to swap the labels out for bar logos.

Yes, I am happy to share everyone’s stuff, it isn’t limited to just advertisers but at least make some effort and if you’d like for example your quiz night shared every week, drop me an email so we can work out a deal as I tend to publish ongoing events once every few months.

So, now you know how to get a free plug here on the site with a share on social media too – reaching almost 10 million eyeballs – email anything you have to stickboybkk@gmail.com

Plug Your Party