Was This An Inappropriate Interview Question?

Published on 9th March 2016 by Stickboy BKK

This isn’t directly tied to Bangkok or anything Thai for that matter other than Thailand being used as the location in a question allegedly posed by a Norwegian company based in the UK for both male and female job applicants.

I thought it was still worthy of sharing to get the thoughts of readers.

inappropriate interview question

A British woman was left stunned to be asked the following question as part of the interview process for a position with a Norwegian company:

Two male buddies are on holiday in Thailand where they meet two women who they want to f**k. Both men want to have sex with both women, both women want to have sex with both men. The only problem is they only have two condoms. How can they make sure they all get what they want and everyone is happy without any bodily fluids mixing between any of the involved parties.

Linda Sandvik was shocked believing the interview question was “sexist and racist” leading her to write the blog post An inappropriate interview question in which she explains how she spent 90% of the time given to solve the puzzle thinking about the inappropriateness of the question and what to do about it leaving only 10% of her time in solving the problem.

She was anything but pleased and as it turned out wasn’t offered the position, although one has to wonder after reading her rant would she have wanted to work for the company anyway?

There’s also the possibility this would never have come to light if Linda had been offered the job and was just pissed off at losing out to the 23-year-old guy who was offered it.

What do you think? Was it an inappropriate interview question or just another case of someone out to be offended by everything in life?

For me, I read the question and the first thing I thought about was solving the problem.

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