Inches Away From Being A Road Fatality Statistic

Published on 16th December 2018 by Stickboy BKK

It had already been a long weekend with nights out, parties, work and of course home life and meeting with mates for a pint or two, so come 3.30am this morning all I wanted to do was go home, scoff my supper and hit the hay.

What I didn’t need was seeing my life flash in front of my eyes as I came within inches of being a headline on my own website, splattered all across Wireless Road with my missus and our tuk-tuk driver but that’s what happened.

Traffic was busy for the middle of the night and drivers hammer down Wireless Road towards Petchburi Road like it’s a race track, nothing unusual until we passed the Swiss Embassy when the noise of a powerful bike at high speed comes out of nowhere.

Inches Away From Being A Road Fatality Statistic

I figured it was coming up from the rear but it wasn’t. The nutter was riding towards us into oncoming traffic and it wasn’t until he hammered past us doing around 200km/h causing the tuk-tuk to shake we realised what was going on.

The bike was going so fast we didn’t actually see it until it had passed. Terrifying, to be honest.

The tuk-tuk driver pulled into a side soi to compose himself and check we were alright in the back. He was as white as a ghost and all three of us needing new underwear.

Supper was scrapped and bed it was as we counted our lucky stars we were still in one piece and not another road fatality statistic.

As for the moron on the motorbike, it would have been a miracle if he made it home alive.

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