UPDATED: Instagram Dreamer Claims They Were Offered 40k For Sex On Nana’s ‘Tribute Night’

Published on 4th December 2017 by Stickboy BKK

I don’t know who Instagram user haveabreakhaveakit was trying to impress with their wild claims about Nana Plaza’s ‘Tribute Night’ or the other observations on Bangkok’s redlight areas but they have seen a whole different side to the naughty nightlife areas that I seem to have missed… and probably you too.

Let’s go through what they has to say:

haveabreakhaveakit Says: 40,000 baht – that is the amount in cash handed over to me in nana plaza during tribute night. the one night in a month where the dancers and mamasans pay the guests instead, to sleep with them. the highest earning dancer of the house will choose a client he/she wants, and the mamasan will try to buy this client. needless to say, i declined. but this goes to show that the red light districts of Bangkok function more than just to make money, it’s a culture. They aren’t always poor with no other options, many of them are university students looking for a quick buck to fund plastic surgery or school itself. Some of them enjoy what they do. Very different experience from my weekend in the red light district of pattaya.

Stickboy Says: Tribute Night must be the best kept secret in the Plaza as this is the first time I’ve heard of any such thing and with a dozen bars from the Three Floor Pleasure Palace advertising here on Stickboy I reckon I’d have got wind of this Tribute Night before now.

More likely the dancers wanted 40k from this muppet.

As for not wanting to make money… I can hardly type for laughing…


haveabreakhaveakit Says: Anyway, recommendations! (Please do not engage in their services) but if you’d still like to see the place and not treat them as a human zoo, at least buy a DRINK.

Stickboy Says: That’s like taking a kid to the candy shop just to look. Pointless.

haveabreakhaveakit Says: Patpong – situated near a night market. wild. mostly very adult crows. the famous pinpong shows. the fetish bar is here too – in the fetish bar, women parade around in various states of BDSM. from dog collars on their necks, to barking in cages.

Stickboy Says: Old crows in Glamour, Kings Castle II, Kiss, Club Electric Blue, Bada Bing… this Instagram Idiot needs to get down to Top Charoen for an eye test and some new goggles.

Plenty of top totty in Patpong.

haveabreakhaveakit Says: Nana Plaza – full of gogo bars. the only place in Thailand you can still legally buy sex toys. but pretty safe, even for girls. the dancers don’t look miserable, and lots of cheap food nearby.

Stickboy Says: I’ve never seen any sex toys on sale within Nana Plaza and don’t think that is because I’ve missed them, rather there’s none. And AFAIK sex toys are illegal in Thailand.

haveabreakhaveakit Says: there’s a hooters and it’s empty – just in case, you ever need a break from the ratchetness.

Stickboy Says: Soi 4 is lined with beer bars that are busy with plenty of options for those willing to walk 10 meters and open their eyes.

haveabreakhaveakit Says: Soi Cowboy – the tamest one. just as many sports bars as there are gogobars. Live music, proper grub restaurants. Good option for a first timer to the red light districts. But, women wait outside and grab you. So if you’re a guy, just be careful. And if you’re a girl, be ready to be ignored. Note: the prettier girls are kept outside, so prepare to be abit disappointed inside.

Stickboy Says: Sounds to me like haveabreakhaveakit walked up and down the neon alley without venturing inside (m)any bars otherwise they’d have seen plenty of cute dancing dollybirds on stage in the likes of Bacarra, Shark and Dollhouse.

God knows what would have happened if they’d ventured inside Cockatoo or Crazy House. Heart failure? 555+

haveabreakhaveakit Says: thanks for reading

Stickboy Says: Thanks for the free entertainment and laughs. I hope their followers weren’t fooled by this fantasy.

UPDATED: the original post that appeared here instagram.com/p/Bbn75FOgjCK has been deleted already but a chat with haveabreakhaveakit reveals the bar they claim to have been offered the 40k.


instagram idiot

Stickboy Says: Comedy gold

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