It’s A Covid Clusterfuck

Published on 19th March 2020 by Stickboy BKK

Is anyone surprised at the amount of Covid-19 confusion in Thailand right now?

Of course, it was a rhetorical question because we all have the same answer – nope.

Those running the country couldn’t get pissed in a brewery if you locked them inside for a month. The right hand never knows what the left hand, right leg or left leg is doing never mind their brains.

Harsh words? Definitely not.

Announcements on new measures are either vague, confusing, contradicted by another department within an hour, withdrawn, deleted or just denied they were ever said or published.

The reality for us “ordinary” people is confusion.

A Covid Clusterfuck

The handling of the Covid-19 crisis has been a disaster from start to finish and I doubt it will get any better.

People are asking why doesn’t Thailand just close its borders and be done with it? No more pissing about and scratching heads as to who needs this certificate or that certificate when coming or going?

Heck, they can’t even get something as simple as shutting all the bars in the capital down done so what chance do the hundreds of thousands passing through airports and immigration checkpoints have?

None of course.

A clusterfuck best sums things up for me.

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