It’s Been A Busy Few Days

Regular readers won’t have noticed any changes to the number of updates on the site in the past few of days despite lots going on that has been keeping me away from my keyboard.

Unfortunately my social media updates have dropped significantly but let me assure you it is all for the greater good and normal service will return later this week when I will be back to drowning your timelines and news feeds with my babble and bullshit.

Its Been A Busy Few Days

So what has been keeping me busy?

Well for starters the site has picked up several new advertisers this past week including Billboard & Bangkok Bunnies go-go bars in Nana Plaza plus a newly opened Italian restaurant down Soi 15.

Another big name sponsor is set to come onboard before the end of the month too with just a few small details to be finalised later this week but it’s a done deal.

All have made long-term commitments to Stickboy Bangkok which is great news as new advertising means a bigger budget to do more for the site which in turn helps to sustain the continued growth and bring even better content to the site.

I have also been working on two other “projects” for the site and all will be revealed in the coming days, well, one at least. The other may have to put put on hold until the first week of October as what is coming first is set to blow the house down. And that’s an understatement.

I’ve also had a few personal bits and pieces that have needed some of my time. Despite what some think, I do have a life away from my computer and bars. 555+