It’s Shooting Season

Some of the most popular content published on the website and shared on social media are the photoshoots from the go-go bars of Bangkok.

Only a couple of years ago this type of content was hard to obtain as bar owners were not keen at all on letting anyone inside their bar with a camera.

As the nightlife business has changed so have attitudes and all involved, including many of the dancers, can see the advantages of publicity and having an online presence.

2018 has seen more go-go bars than ever before promoting their business on Facebook and Twitter, running advertising and allowing promotional photos to be taken – which is great news for me and you.

Shooting Season

The vast majority of photos I use for Stickboy are taken by a very good friend who has been supplying me with content for the past few years, often at no cost and a lot of work to himself.

My partner in crime isn’t based in Bangkok so when he is in town I plan ahead, fill the diary and we get to work.

We go at it hard night after night, bar after bar making the most of our time together and after two weeks he goes home spent. But the work is far from over with each shoot needing hours and hours of his time sat processing the images.

It is hard work and great fun to do but also requires a lot of late nights with early starts which means something has to give as it is impossible to burn the candle at both ends over a period of two weeks.

So from now until the beginning of December updates here on the website may be a little erratic at times, however, I will strive to keep the usual 10-a-day coming, including the daily news updates. Social media updates will probably drop by around 25%.

On the upside, think of all the Chrome Pole Crumpet, Everyday People, Bangkok After Dark, photos and all the other goodies that will be coming your over December and January.

In the long run, it’s well worth it.