Late Night Opening Slowly Returning

Published on 12th February 2015 by Stickboy BKK

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Up until May 2014, there was a long list of clubs and bars open beyond the legal 2am closing time. Owners with influential “friends” and others with deep pockets willing to make donations to various retirement funds meant people could party all night long and into the morning at some clubs.

The military coup put an end to that insisting all clubs and bars closed at the time specified on their licenses. A few “after hours” clubs tried their luck a few weeks into the crackdown opening until 4 and 5am only to find they got hit with temporary closure orders.

Seeing the nightclub cash cow drying up as owners no longer had any reason to make donations, assurances were given to certain clubs who were again given the green light to operate beyond 2am, only for the closure orders to now come with warnings of do it again and you will be permanently shut down.

Clubs and discos across Bangkok have been hit hardest in the entertainment industry since the coup and as time has passed one or two started opening late sporadically. Some nights open until 4am, the next 2.30 or 3am, the next back to 2am. It was a lucky dip.

Some tried it for a few weeks then stopped only to start again the following month. Each passing week had another venue chancing their luck only for them to suddenly stop and return to official closing time.

Only a couple of months back one live music bar on Soi 4 was raided with customers and staff out on the street with ID being checked and pee tests for some staff. It looked to me like a public slap on the face for disobeying orders.

The same bar is now back rolling the stay open beyond 2am dice as are a number of other clubs in lower Sukhumvit plus a few other well known after hours clubs scattered across the city.

The more venues that do stay open late will result in a few things possibly happening. Other owners joining the late night party with the mindset of, if you can’t beat them, join them. Others might decide to stir the pot and report the competition for breaking the law. Or ultimately, the military come down hard on anyone breaking the law and actually close venues down as a warning to others to toe the line.

Of course, these clubs are all farrang targeted and for those in the know or with some Thai mates, there are plenty of Thai venues open late into the wee hours from karaoke joints to smaller clubs and of course bars for the naughty boys.

I chose not to name any venues open beyond 2am, if you are around the usual haunts and want to keep the party going beyond 2am, just ask any of the friendly cabbies parked up and waiting to ferry you to the club paying them the best commission

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