The Leo Beer Bottle Numbers – A Myth?

Published on 26th April 2014 by Stickboy BKK

A Thai friend asked me this past week what numbers were on my longneck Leo’s – what number and where was my response thinking to myself he had chugged one too many before calling.

He laughed at me not knowing such important info and informed the dumb farrang that on the label above the expiry date there are two sequences of numbers and the number to the right on the top row is the all important one. They go from 1 through 6.

leo beer bottle numbers

Apparently when you are upcountry at the local booze outlet you order Leo bottles and tell them what number you want. It is believed the different numbered bottles taste different – and have varying strengths.

This is news to me and will require some research. I will inform you of my findings in due course unless you can shed some light on the matter. I personally think it’s a myth and the numbers relate to something simple like the bottling plant or brewery but my mate was having none of it.

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