Living A Quiet Life

Not for the first time this month I was tucked up in bed at 10pm the other night after starting my day at 5.45am – a time that wouldn’t be unusual for me to be just flopping into bed after a night on the razzle.

You could cut off a couple of fingers and still manage to count the nights I’ve been out partying in Plaza, pissed in Patpong or sozzled on Soi Cowboy this month.

Normally you’d need two hands, two feet and a loan of a pals fingers to count my nights out in a month but times have changed in Stickland.

quiet life

My sudden disappearance from the usual haunts has come as a shock to some and surprise to many going on my exploits over the past five years or so.

There’s been no #SlipperySunday with Gav The Gaffer in God knows how long. It’s been a while since I rolled out the Wednesday night booze buffet with legs like snapped candles. And even longer since I’ve been sat in Hillary 1 feeding my face at 5am. All standard nights out in the not so distant past.

So what’s going on Snoozeboy?

Well, I’ve still been going out but doing different things and going to different places. As they say, “A change is as good as a rest” and I’ve been happy as a pig in shit.

Just don’t go reading too much into it. It’s a period that will pass and the old Stickboy I’ll be back to my old ways but for now, I’m living a quiet life and enjoying every minute of it.