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The Lying Laverty’s Aren’t The First And They Won’t Be The Last



The story of the Brit who was “mugged at gunpoint” and left with multiple leg fractures as he stood waiting for his missus while she used the toilet in a Patong bar had bullshit written all over it when it surfaced a couple of days ago.

I recieved dozens of messages and emails from readers and followers tipping me off thinking I’d missed it but I hadn’t – I simply chose to sit back and wait to see what new information came to light as the initial reports of the incident were full of holes and lacking critical details to give the story credibility.

Remember, a foreigner had been robbed at gunpoint and physically attacked stood close to a bar in a busy tourist area – dozens of eyewitnesses, right?

Wrong. When new details emerged it was soon clear that Michael Laverty and his wife Denise were a pair of liars who came up with the elaborate tale in the hope foolish friends and sympathetic strangers would donate a bit of something to their £10,000 online fundraiser to “get them home”.

Get them home my arse.

No, the cash wasn’t to get them home or pay for medical bills. It was to allow them do a runner from Thailand and away from a great big mess of their own making.

There was no mugging and the leg injuries Michael Laverty sustained came from jumping over a balcony in a resort he wasn’t even staying at.

Just what he was doing trying room doors before he jumped only he knows and I doubt he will ever tell the truth. But then again, he might sell his story to a UK red top and spew out another tall tale of how his drink had been spiked and he didn’t know what he was doing.

Why not? The man is a liar.

The Lying Lavertys

In the past I have run dozens of stories of tourists in apparent trouble including muggings, robberies and rapes, plus a kidnapping or two (remember this one Abducted American Adds A New Chapter To The Tale) pointing out the holes in their stories which mostly ends with the keyboard warriors going off on one.

The normal assumption by the majority is I have no sympathy for those who have found themselves in trouble in a far away place and I’m just slagging victims off for clicks which is never the case.

As you all know, i’m no reporter or journalist, just a guy who shares the odd bit of news I think is of interest but I’m wise enough to know a story without times and places, details and descriptions together with photos and facts needs looking at more closely before jumping in with both feet.

More so when it involves crimes against foreigners as there are just too many idiots, liars and con artists like the lying Laverty’s who find themselves neck deep in the smelly stuff and come up with some big story their family and friends back home will believe because lots of bad things happen in Thailand that they seen on the Hangover movie and that reality show with all the scammers and scumbags.

The other mistake many make when visiting Thailand is thinking everyone here, including the police, are idiots. I’m not saying all cops are perfect but they aren’t the dumbasses many make them out to be especially when tourists are telling stories worthy of a cinema screening in a desperate attempt to get out of whatever hole they’ve gone and dug for them self.

Before Xmas we will have at least two or three more fabricated fantasies that will be exposed within a day or two of the sensational headlines that are taken as gospel.

As the title states: The Lying Laverty’s Aren’t The First And They Won’t Be The Last

Stickboy aka Sticky Boy aka Mike McKay aka Mike McKwai, Wild Mike, Magic Mike, Mr Mike, and a fair few more best forgotten, is a party animal with hollow legs who loves music, current affairs, beer, food, causing trouble on Twitter, and making the most of life without worrying too much about what people think or say about his antics. You can send him stuff here -

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Tales From The Front: Sunday Dinner On A Saturday Night



Stickboy, Fatface, and The Keeper are sat in a British pub on lower Sukhumvit on a Saturday night…

A gathering of the clan earlier in the evening for some birthday beers meant Stickboy’s belly needed filling before meeting back up with everyone who had gone in different directions ahead of the cake cutting ceremony at Lighthouse sometime around 10pm.

Somchai The Dog had popped in for a couple of shandies but was looking like a burst couch and was having none of it ordering takeout before disappearing into the dark Bang Na bound on the BTS.

The other half of the Dangerous Duo, Digiman, wasn’t ready for home just yet but had no interest in food.

The Keeper orders quesadillas while smooth-talking his missus, girlfriend or gik – maybe all three – and wasn’t paying attention to much as Fatface orders Chips & Curry sauce for Stickboy.

sunday roast on a saturday night

The food arrives, everyone digs in, more beer is ordered to wash down the grub as all four eat what’s sat on the table.

The Keeper is still on the phone like an old sweetie wife and starts making space on the table with his free hand when a waitress arrives over his shoulder with another plate of food.

He clears a space in front of Fatface and Stickboy who look at each other thinking that’s an odd place to put a roast dinner they both think The Keeper has ordered for himself.

He ends his call and tucks into the roast pork telling everyone to help themselves which they do.

Chips are in the gravy, potatoes are in the curry sauce and the plate is emptying at a fair pace as four mouths feast on the Sunday dinner.

More than halfway through the food a member of the service staff appears and starts talking to The Keeper with Fatface joining in.

Something is amiss.

“Hey Stickboy, did you order the pork roast?”, enquires The Keeper.

“No mate, I thought you did.”

In his best Shaggy voice, he fires back, “It wasn’t me”.

It turns out some poor bloke sat at the bar was sitting patiently waiting on his dinner the staff had wrongly delivered that the four scavengers had all but demolished each of them thinking someone else at the table fancied a Sunday dinner on a Saturday night.

sunday roast on a saturday night

The four grubbers thought this was hilarious and all just shrugged their shoulders laughing having told the service staff to take it away… until Stickboy’s bin arrived with a Roast Pork Loin at 295 baht on it.

He wasn’t laughing any more.

Had it not been for the fact his mates own the pub he’d likely have upset the waitresses with a few choice words having been billed for something he didn’t order with zero conversation between staff and customer over what was a genuine mistake on the part of everyone involved.

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Trump, #Thighland And Dinesh The Dick




I don’t care much for America, its president or politics but when my Twitter timeline is drowning in Trump making a tit of himself by pronouncing Thailand as Thighland then I’m interested.

I’ve no idea what Don was waffling on about when he mentioned Thighland and Vietnam or how chummy he was with their leaders and it’s not that important.

Nor is Trump making a clown of himself anything new from what I recall of him from years back when he faced opposition to his golf course in Scotland, the man is an idiot.

Here’s Scottish radio presenter Robin Galloway pranking him on a call.

Anyway, back to #Thighland…

Okay, he did correct himself straight away but come on, this is the head honcho of Arm-erica. You’d think he could manage to pronounce Thailand properly, yeah?

Well, apparently he did according to some dick called Dinesh who made a complete fool of himself to his 1.2 million Twitter followers and everyone else who pointed out to him that he was wrong.

dinesh 1


dinesh 2

“Tai-land” is the crude lingo of people who have never been to “Thighland”… including generations of Thais?

Notice how he retweets himself – does he think the more he repeats himself and the more people read it that makes him correct?

Remember, this cockwomble has 1.2 million followers.

dinesh 3

Err, nope.

dinesh 4

dinesh 5

Oh, is Dinesh the dick doing a spot of back peddling here?

dinesh 6

Of course he isn’t

A guy like this could never admit he got it wrong. Even if he was arguing black was white.

Thousands of Thai people replied to his Tweets correcting him and he chose to ignore each and every one of them instead he decided to belittle others who pointed out his mistake.

Finally, here’s the man himself from 2002.

Dinish is now a fully-fledged member of the #TwitterTossers club.

Hat Tip to femalefaust who was behind unearthing Dinesh The Dick pronouncing “Thailand” as “Thailand” and not “#Thighland”.

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Easy Does It This Weekend



Puffed Out

This weekend is a 4-day holiday in Thailand and normally I’d work through it and take some time off afterwards but with things so quiet on all fronts I decided to join the masses and take a couple of days off.

Updates will resume once I have slept myself silly and recharged my batteries.

I don’t plan on doing much of anything or going anywhere so I will still add a few updates on social media to pass the time as they don’t require much brainpower or thinking.

Whatever you are doing, be it the beach or boozing, maybe both, enjoy yourself and have fun.

See you on the other side.

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