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The Lying Laverty’s Aren’t The First And They Won’t Be The Last



The story of the Brit who was “mugged at gunpoint” and left with multiple leg fractures as he stood waiting for his missus while she used the toilet in a Patong bar had bullshit written all over it when it surfaced a couple of days ago.

I recieved dozens of messages and emails from readers and followers tipping me off thinking I’d missed it but I hadn’t – I simply chose to sit back and wait to see what new information came to light as the initial reports of the incident were full of holes and lacking critical details to give the story credibility.

Remember, a foreigner had been robbed at gunpoint and physically attacked stood close to a bar in a busy tourist area – dozens of eyewitnesses, right?

Wrong. When new details emerged it was soon clear that Michael Laverty and his wife Denise were a pair of liars who came up with the elaborate tale in the hope foolish friends and sympathetic strangers would donate a bit of something to their £10,000 online fundraiser to “get them home”.

Get them home my arse.

No, the cash wasn’t to get them home or pay for medical bills. It was to allow them do a runner from Thailand and away from a great big mess of their own making.

There was no mugging and the leg injuries Michael Laverty sustained came from jumping over a balcony in a resort he wasn’t even staying at.

Just what he was doing trying room doors before he jumped only he knows and I doubt he will ever tell the truth. But then again, he might sell his story to a UK red top and spew out another tall tale of how his drink had been spiked and he didn’t know what he was doing.

Why not? The man is a liar.

The Lying Lavertys

In the past I have run dozens of stories of tourists in apparent trouble including muggings, robberies and rapes, plus a kidnapping or two (remember this one Abducted American Adds A New Chapter To The Tale) pointing out the holes in their stories which mostly ends with the keyboard warriors going off on one.

The normal assumption by the majority is I have no sympathy for those who have found themselves in trouble in a far away place and I’m just slagging victims off for clicks which is never the case.

As you all know, i’m no reporter or journalist, just a guy who shares the odd bit of news I think is of interest but I’m wise enough to know a story without times and places, details and descriptions together with photos and facts needs looking at more closely before jumping in with both feet.

More so when it involves crimes against foreigners as there are just too many idiots, liars and con artists like the lying Laverty’s who find themselves neck deep in the smelly stuff and come up with some big story their family and friends back home will believe because lots of bad things happen in Thailand that they seen on the Hangover movie and that reality show with all the scammers and scumbags.

The other mistake many make when visiting Thailand is thinking everyone here, including the police, are idiots. I’m not saying all cops are perfect but they aren’t the dumbasses many make them out to be especially when tourists are telling stories worthy of a cinema screening in a desperate attempt to get out of whatever hole they’ve gone and dug for them self.

Before Xmas we will have at least two or three more fabricated fantasies that will be exposed within a day or two of the sensational headlines that are taken as gospel.

As the title states: The Lying Laverty’s Aren’t The First And They Won’t Be The Last

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9 Ways You’ll Get Caught Cheating In Bangkok



Not every man who lives in Bangkok strays but at some point in their life most men do. Fact.

Denying it is commonplace with many claiming to be faithful to their partner. My ass.

And the more you do it the more chance you’ll get caught. That’s a given.

Here are 9 ways you’ll get caught cheating in Bangkok that you might not have considered.

A Sighting

A Sighting

Bangkok is big but not that big

You’d think a city of 12 million would be a great place to avoid anyone who might know you on a night out with your bit on the side by going down some far-flung alley but Bangkok has eyes everywhere.

It’s not about who you see but who sees you.

Do you know where the cleaners from your condo live? The WIN guys from down the soi? An acquaintance of your other half who you’ve never met but has seen dozens of pictures of you?

There are no secrets in this city especially when it comes to Thais gossiping about the bad farang with the beautiful girlfriend.

A Road Accident

A Road Accident

Rare but possible

Suddenly you are in hospital at 2am because speeding Somchai ran a red light and smacked a passing pickup. How are you going to explain what you were doing out in the middle of the night after saying you were tired and having an early night at 10.45pm?

As they say, accidents do happen.

A Message

A Message

Chat apps are your enemy

You exchanged numbers or added her on Line – a BIG MISTAKE that will likely come back to bite you on the bum.

You can’t guard your mobile 24/7 not to mention all that sneaking around and suspicious behaviour when it beeps is going to set alarm bells ringing in your little lady’s head.

Hiding notifications or muting your chats is a feeble attempt at covering up your sordid sexts. It might work in the short term but after a few weeks of fooling around the hammer will fall, either on your head or your handset. If you are unlucky, both.

lipstick on shirt collar

Perfume & Lipstick

Old but obvious

“What’s that mark on your jeans darling?”
“Right next to your dick that I’m about to cut off if it’s what I think it is.”

Hungover after a night of drunken antics with a floozy down the dark depths of Soi 22 you forgot all about joking around and sticking her head down there pretending she was blowing you. It was all good fun at the time but she left her mark. A smudge of lipstick that your bleary eyes never noticed through your drunken haze but her indoors won’t miss it.

extra condoms


Safe sex can be unsafe too

Booze and bad decisions go hand in hand and a quickie with a lady of the night might seem sensible at the time because you popped into the 7-Eleven and bought a box of condoms but stuffing the one you didn’t use in your wallet for another time… those bad decisions start adding up.

When your woman wants to borrow a 100 baht and your drunken ass is still in bed she’s not gonna wake you up, she’s just opening that wallet to help herself.

And just like that, your ass is grass and your other half is about to mow it.

clean condo

A Clean Condo

If it doesn’t stink it stinks

After hosting a few harlots you decide to change the bedding before your babe comes back. Then you notice a few unusual marks on the bathroom sink. Next thing you know you’re mopping the floor. A final run round sees you dusting this and clearing away that. The place is spotless and there’s not a trace of any stray skirt.

As soon as your missus sees the place shining a dozen red flags will jump out her handbag and slap her around the head.

Fluffing up the bed and washing a few cups is one thing, giving it a going over as if you are on an episode of Clean House is another.

A Jealous Ex

A Jealous Ex

Beware of bunny boilers

A Friday night fumble with your ex after bumping into her at W District on a night out with the boys was fun at the time but despite her repeatedly telling you she doesn’t want you back doesn’t mean she is happy for you to be getting on with your life.

No, no, no. If she hasn’t met Mr Right yet then why should you be allowed to move on?

Fatal Attraction: The Bangkok Bunny Boiler in the making all because you couldn’t keep it in your pants.

thai baht

Unsual Spending Habits

It all adds up

You know how much you’ve got and so does she.

Even that “secret” stash you’ve got is all mentally logged in her head so when 5,000 here and 3,000 there start going unaccounted for, your balls will be on the line unless you can sweet talk your way through it week after week, date after date.

A Single Strand Of Hair

A Single Strand Of Hair

The #1 way to get caught

They can turn up in the most unexpected places such as a sock or inside a shoe, under the bedside cabinet, the back of the sofa, the sink, and on and on and on the list goes.

It just sits there unnoticed until it’s not noticed then it looks like someone is shining a spotlight on it.

And right at that moment, it’s game over for you.

Caught by a tiny, single strand of hair.

FYI: 9 Ways You’ll Get Caught Cheating In Bangkok was originally drafted by Mike in 2020 and the vast majority of it is his work.

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