Manbashing – (Almost) Every Female Expats Favourite Pastime

Published on 20th October 2018 by Stickboy BKK

I don’t think there is a single day goes by that I don’t see a Facebook update or Tweet from a female expat having a cheap pop or dig at western guys, young and old, they see around Bangkok.

This has me thinking manbashing must be the favourite pastime of (almost) every female expat.

Really, who cares what t-shirt some bloke they spotted on the BTS is wearing or how old his lady friend is or what station he’s getting off at or whatever other crap they come up with?

If they were just poking fun and having a laugh that would be a different story. But they aren’t. These updates range from nasty to bitter.

I wish that’s all I had to bother me and bleat about on social media. Life is too short to give a toss about what others you don’t know are doing with their lives.

For me these women just come across as sad, bitter and above all else, lonely.

Empty lives that need filled by making themselves feel better by slagging off strangers they know nothing about and judge in the blink of an eye.

What they all have in common, other than bashing blokes on a daily basis, is every last one of them is single.

Is that where all the hate comes from because they can’t, for whatever reason, get or keep a man?


Now I’m not one of those in the “I hate white woman” camp.

That crap is something you’ll never hear me spewing, telling the world western woman are all fat, gold-digging, feminazis while Asian women are oh so perfect.

In fact only yesterday I spotted the most attractive woman I’ve seen in years. Mid 30’s, and she was a white European, not Asian, not Thai.

If the truth be told, the expat manbashers are just as bad as the blokes with a huge chip on their shoulder about the woman folks back in their homelands – not that they can see it but they are all cut from the same cloth. Haters.

I can’t imagine carrying around all that doom and gloom with me everyday or being around anyone who feels that way.

Misery from morning to night that must be shared to their 30 followers who all like and agree. Zzz…

Get a life ladies. Or a man.

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