Mr Grittapohn Chattreesagoon Is A ‘Yank’

I seen the rant by “Jack” on dual pricing doing the rounds on Saturday and within two minutes it was clear he wasn’t Thai as was initially claimed. He was an American living in Thailand and paying a higher price is how it rolls sometimes. Like it or lump it mate.

Despite the glaringly obvious, he went on to moan he was charged 200 baht and this was all wrong because he was Thai and charged farrang prices at a National Park and in typical Thai social media style a mountain was made out of a molehill.

To me it was just another bored foreigner rattling on about dual pricing but this time it came with the twist of he is “Thai” and the masses were buying into this bullshit by the lorry load, including lazy journos who couldn’t be arsed to take two minutes to look into the story but instead went with the flow and believed what was written in the original Facebook post.

So what makes him Thai? He can speak the language fluently? He can write and read it too according to many news outlets who are now suddenly back tracking on the drivel they churned out on Sunday & Monday with exception to the Bangkok Post who were the only newspaper to actually say he was American to their story.

Mr Grittapohn Chattreesagoon Is A Yank

Oh I almost forgot to mention he has a Thai drivers license too. Damn, this Yank is becoming more Thai than an Isaan rice-farmer by the minute.

So lets recap. First he was Thai. Then he came to Thailand as a kid, and now he was born in Thailand to American parents. That’s an amazing turnaround in 48 hours, don’t ya think?

I’m assuming Mr Grittapohn Chattreesagoon has an American passport but I’m curious what name is on that passport. Is it Grittapohn Chattreesagoon or Jack Keen? Either way, having a Thai name on a US passport still makes him a Yank.

As so many social media commenters pointed out, if he was Thai then show your ID card and story over but “Jack” couldn’t do that, could he because he doesn’t have one. They don’t hand out ID cards like candy to Americans just because they have live here most/all of their lives.

As for the dual pricing around Thailand, wake me up when that discussion is finished as my take on it is this: Thais get a discount and everyone else pays full price.

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