I Must Have Lost My Mind

Published on 12th January 2017 by Stickboy BKK

I’m planning on flying back to Scotland for a quick trip next week but looking at the weather there today I think I need to seek medical attention for making such a dumb ass decision.

Snow, sleet, rain and wind are the order of the day which has me thinking delayed and cancelled flights not to mention a dose of the flu going from 30C to 3C.

Leave Tuesday and back Monday is the plan but with me, that’s subject to change at very short notice.

snow scotland

I don’t need to pack anything other than a jacket and my notebook. I like to travel light and I’ve got clothes back in Jockland to do me for a week or two.

I really can’t be arsed making the trip but I need to go see my old lady who isn’t keeping well plus it gives me a chance to see Stepson of Stickboy.

Updates on the site and social media should be normal. I say “should be”, my plane might crash 555+

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