My Favourite Bar For Pub Grub In Bangkok Is…

Published on 18th February 2020 by Stickboy BKK

Hang about before I go any further with this because there’s been a slight problem since writing the original article and I’m no longer willing to name the place, so the Stick Award for the Best Pub Grub In Bangkok has to go back on the shelf for the time being.

I know, I know, you’re like STFU Fatboy and just tell us where you like to feed your face and I get it as I’m kinda pissed off with myself for being a bit of a dick and deleting the fabulous blowjob piece I wrote about my favourite go-to place for pub grub because it got canned over 51 baht.

It wasn’t even about the 51 baht, it was the fact that one of the service staff, who sees and serves me on a regular basis, blatantly lied about the lunchtime menu specials my missus had ordered from when she said there were no specials on that particular day, only buy 1 get 1 free on drinks despite us ordering from the same set menu many times before.

My Favourite Bar For Pub Grub In Bangkok Is

Yes, the dish was part of the weekday lunch menu and it was ordered it within the specified times but the waitress was having none of it when Mrs Stick asked why it was charged at full price and not the special rate.

That kind of crap does my head in and I am not recommending the place to readers as they with blame me if they get stiffed by the service staff the same as I was which really is a shame because the food is fantastic, both Thai and western, which is why it was my favourite place to eat because finding a decent pub that hits the spot with me and the other half is a bit of a nightmare.

So it is back to pounding the pavements and feeding my face to see if somewhere else is good enough to pick up the award.

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