‘Nana 2’ – Never In A Month Of Sundays

Published on 1st August 2016 by Stickboy BKK

You hear a lot of rumours in this line of work that only the foolish would go ahead and write about – after all, what you are listening to 99% of the time is nothing more than hearsay, speculation and fairy tales spread by bored bar hounds.

The remaining 1% of grapevine chatter is usually about half right and stretched like an elastic band. The best rumours are the ones that spread at the speed of sound and grow each time you hear them, the stories just get bigger and better.

My current favourite is the “Nana 2” tale.

Wait, you haven’t heard there’s going to be a new bar area coming to Soi 4 that will be just like Nana Plaza except newer, and bigger and better and…?

Okay enough.

Nana 2 Never In A Month Of Sundays

This silly story has grown out of the wild imaginations of I don’t know who following on from the news that the Rajah Hotel carpark complex is to be redeveloped and they now believe that a bunch of new go-go bars are about to spring up in the not-to-distant future bringing a “Nana 2” to lower Sukhumit’s soi of sin.

As I said here on the site before, details on the Rajah redevelopment are vague but from what I’ve been told, there will be new bars, restaurants, cafes and shops on the way but it won’t be a new redlight complex.

I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news for those with high hopes but there will be no new chrome pole palaces. Beer bars with freelancers I’d bet my left leg on, but as far as I’m told, that’s about it.

Authorities would sooner shut down The World’s Largest Adult Playground before allowing another to open a few hundred meters down the same street.

And what about licenses? Soi 4 is not in an Entertainment Zone so that’s a non-starter and it would take some great big brass balls from the local law enforcement chiefs to allow it. There are many things in Thailand that can be taken care of with tea money, I don’t believe this is one of them.

And if it was possible, it would have happened a long time ago. As the title says, “Nana 2” – never in a month of Sundays.

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