The Nana Armchair Architects Need To STFU

Published on 4th April 2018 by Stickboy BKK

It’s shit.

It’s going to leak.

The wind is going to blow it away.

It’s just a tent.

It was built by Thai monkeys with crap Thai material so it will fall apart.

It’s going to catch fire and all the plastic will drop and burn us.

It’s going to mean all the bars raise prices.

It blocks our view from the hotels.

The drainage wasn’t improved, so all the water will flow down and flood the Plaza.

All the water will flow down off the building and flood the neighbours.

It makes the place hot.

It makes the place cooler.

It feels like a football stadium.

What you are reading in that list above are some of the points made by the forum fruitloops and armchair architects on the new Nana Plaza roof in recent weeks.

nana roof know it alls

I’ve borrowed a broom to clean up a few of the “points” with actual facts, and not rants and raves from far-away places by nutters with nothing better to do than comment on something the majority of them haven’t seen or know anything about.

The tension membrane roof was manufactured and imported from Belgium. It’s fire retardant and is the same “tent” roof used on Suvarnabumi, not to mention the Hong Kong and Denver airports.

Oh, by the way, Hong Kong gets hit with typhoons regularly each year and its roof stays put probably because each panel is tied with five tons of pressure which would more than withstand typhoons that never actually hit Bangkok.

As for leaking… Bangkok had a battering on Monday night and the Plaza was puddle-free so customers could wander from bar to bar paying the same prices they always have as the tenants were not asked to dig deep to fund the improvements.

And that wasn’t a typo as the roof is not the only improvement being made in the coming months as the landlords continue to invest in the World’s Largest Adult Playground.

nana roof know it alls

As for drainage, all the water falling onto the roof does not, in fact, run off the building into nearby hotels and shops. It goes into drainage pipes installed on the existing roofs and flows into the gutters and out into the street, not into the Plaza courtyard.

It’s obvious these Muppets haven’t got a clue when they can’t even agree on the temperature, with some saying the roof makes the Plaza hotter, and others saying it makes it cooler.

As for being “shit” or looking like “a football stadium”, nothing more than an opinion, and like arseholes, we all have one.

And finally the losers moaning about it blocking their view, GTFO of your hotel. You’re in Thailand FFS.

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