Nana Plaza Lives To Fight Another Day

Published on 5th July 2015 by Stickboy BKK

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With the bar leases in Nana Plaza due for renewal on July 7th (or was it the 1st?) it seems everyone has put pen to paper meaning the Plaza lives to fight another day, or should that be three years? Or should I double that as one owner put six years key money on the table when he took over Underground a month or two back? Or should we be saying another 20 odd years or how ever long the master lease is for?

The bottomline is Nana isn’t going anywhere any time soon for one simple reason. There’s little, if anything, else you can build in its place that will generate the kind of cash it does. There are too many restrictions on what can go up in the plot it sits on. If there was, it’s my own opinion, it would have been demolished and redeveloped prior to its current owner buying it a few years ago.

Sure, it will have its ups and downs. It will have good days and bad. Tenants will continue to complain the rents are too high but the truth is, no one has walked away from their bar or bars which is the case for some.

It wasn’t so long ago several venues were in darkness and the future of the three floors of whores was anything but bright as tenants considered their position in the go-go bar business going forward as the renewals were due to be signed which meant digging deep for a big pile of 1,000 baht bills to cover the next three years key money.

I’ve no idea what deals have been done behind closed doors but no keys are being handed back to the landlord and no additional bars will be sat in darkness.

In fact, it’s quite the opposite.

The new majority owner of Spellbound has taken over Underground next door that was sat in darkness for months and plans have been touted for a super bar. Bubbles on the top floor is back, although it is possible it will become a smaller bar and share the space with an office. Jail Birdz on the third floor threw open its doors on Friday night bringing life back to that part of the Plaza and plans to rebrand the original Candyland are still in the making with a possible opening for a Suckers 2 rumoured to take its place.

It has to be said, it is anything but doom and gloom as all the bars that have been sat empty and closed now have tenants with plans which can only be good news for fans of Nana Plaza.

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