New Booze Tax Rates… A Few Facts

Published on 19th March 2017 by Stickboy BKK

A few weeks back an infograph detailing new tax rates on booze spread like wildfire online with customers and business owners in near panic as it suggested there would be increases of 100% coming soon.

Here’s a few facts on the new tax rates without the sensationalism or twisting of the truth to fit an agenda as has been the case in many news outlets.

The proposed rates are for the next 20 years and increases will be incremental, according to the director-general of the Excise Department. Not bam, beer has just doubled in price.

From August (possibly Sept) there will be increases of between 10-20% on beer, wine and liquor based on the retail price and alcohol content. I believe there will be a much bigger increase for cigarettes – as high as 90%.

Beer with a low alcohol volume will be at the lower end of the % increase and costs how much to buy?

In reality you are looking at an increase of maybe 10 baht or less a bottle.

At this point that pretty much covers it and not much else to tell. Yes, I know it’s short and sweet but it’s to the point and knocks all the talk of crazy price increases firmly on the head.

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