No Booze, No Problem… Or Is it?

Published on 19th March 2020 by Stickboy BKK

When the news that all bars, pubs and clubs across the capital will be closed at least until the end of the month it didn’t sink in for most of us because it was St. Paddy’s day and everyone was out on the lash getting hammered ahead of being stuck at home for the next 2 weeks.

The following morning it didn’t matter as everyone will had a horrible hangover and it was only when some hair of the dog was required and the closest watering holes shutters were down did the reality of the situation kick in.

Of course, no booze for two weeks should be no problem for the vast majority of us but the reality is socialising is a big part of life in Bangkok.

lights out

Sure we could stock up from the 7-Eleven and drink at home but where’s the fun in that?

Hanging out with your mates, talking trash and sinking suds is what my mates do best. And I’m sure yours too.

Yeah, a few places have used the old restaurant workaround and are still open and serving but my opinion is that is going to be short-lived for most and the authorities will soon be knocking on doors and kicking some arse.

So we are going to be sat at home bored out of our brains talking shit on social media for hours on end.

That’s pretty much what I do for a living but it is going to drive most of you to drink.

And heaven forbid if the shutdown gets extended beyond March 31st.

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