No Ordinary Thursday Night

Published on 2nd March 2019 by Stickboy BKK

I knew things would be messy on Thursday night, and when I say messy I mean it in every sense of the word, and that is exactly how it went when I pulled up a chair to be a judge at the Nanapong dance contest.

My day started early as I had to load up Stickboy social media for Friday as I planned on staying in bed until mid-afternoon when I had a meeting to attend knowing I’d be nursing a hangover from hell.

With work complete, I set off to meet Gav The Gaffer at Stumble Inn for a warmup beer ahead of the 8.30pm start at Angelwitch.

So far so good. Beer guzzled and off we went to see if the dirty dance contest was about to begin.

After a slight delay things got underway with just a few judges. The majority of the audience seemed apprehensive and didn’t know what they would be letting themselves in for.

After only 1 round that soon changed and by round 3 we had a full house with more judges seats being filled as the parliament of perverts wanted in on the action.

Three young fellas out celebrating their pals birthday on their first trip to Thailand were beside themselves sat stageside. However, an hour in they checked bin as they wanted to go for a wander. They were warned they’d find nothing remotely close to what they were witnessing or getting involved in.

As expected, they thought otherwise and were on their way only to return after 35 minutes when the reality of what they were missing quickly set in after visiting a couple of other chrome pole palaces.

No Ordinary Thursday Night

We all know that what happens at Nanapong stays at Nanapong and that single photo above of the mess that was the judge’s table is all I have but you can see why raincoats were handed out to those with scorecards.

As for the winner… well, it all got too much for me and I bailed around 12.30am leaving my vote with the Dollhouse dancers but from what others were saying I seem to have been in the minority with most scoring the home team as the champions.

And yes, I looked and felt rough as a badger’s arse yesterday.

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