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Published on 10th January 2016 by Stickboy BKK

Photoshoots taken inside go-go bars were few and far between not so long ago with owners, managers and the girls themselves not keen at all on photos being taken inside chrome pole palaces let alone shared online.

An invitation to shoot inside a go-go bar was a rarity and a real scoop for the website owner granted permission to photograph the dancing dollybirds to publish on their site.

In the past few months there seems to be a changing tide as more and more bars are willing to let snappers inside to take a few photos for publishing on websites like Stickboy Bangkok and content for sharing on their social media accounts.

In the past month alone I have shared galleries from nine different go-go bars in Bangkok and Pattaya – more in four weeks than all of 2015.

Go-Go Bar Photoshoots

So why the sudden deluge of photos?

A good question and one I can only speculate on but my best guess would be bar bosses hope more photos of what’s on stage, or in the Jacuzzi, shared online should see more punters coming through the door in the hope of finding the hottie they took a fancy for when they seen her photo online

To be honest I prefer how it used to be with fewer photos circulating – just the odd gallery here and there. For me it makes the pictures a little bit special.

I’m sure many would disagree with me and be happy to look at a new batch of pics every day which means I will continue taking up offers from bar bosses to do a shoot or share photos they drop in my inbox as it’s supply and demand – after all, I’ve got to give the visitors to the site what they want, right?

Just to be clear – the photoshoots are organised in advance and taken with the permission of the owner, and of course, the girls themselves. Customers should not under any circumstances whip out their smartphone and start clicking away. That isn’t going to end with a smile. As for the idiots who pull the sneaky cam stunt – they deserve all they get if caught as they know only too well they should not be taking pics.

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