No Pokemon Go Parties With Pikachu Pretties?

Published on 21st July 2016 by Stickboy BKK

No Pokemon Go Parties With Pikachu Pretties

There’s no escaping Pokemon Go as it takes the world by storm and with so much talk about the worlds biggest mobile game ever I’m surprised not a single chrome pole palace has jumped on the bandwagon and organised a Pokemon Go With Pikachu Pretties Party.

I’m sure it would appeal not only to Japanese and other Asian customers who would be all over this like a cheap suit, being something different from the usual theme parties punters would go for a look out of curiosity if planned, promoted and executed properly.

If you were to throw in some good drinks promos – even come up with something different – that would help boost the customer count. I’m writing this on the fly and haven’t given it much thought but I’m sure with a 10 minute brain storm I could come up with three decent drink deals that would please the punters and make the bar some baht at the same time.

No one seems to think outside the box and just go with the same old stuff. It may appeal to some but for me personally, I see posters and flyers and just think, meh.

And if Pokemon Go sounds boring, call me and I’ll suggest 20 other ideas that aren’t in the go-go bar party handbook.

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