No Street Food, No Stalls, No Late Night Street Bars… Yeah, Sure

Published on 21st August 2018 by Stickboy BKK

There isn’t a day goes by where I don’t read how Bangkok has lost its charm with street food all but gone, the sois empty of stalls and the late night watering holes lining Sukhumvit all but a distant memory.

Utter nonsense.

That is Bangkok being described by people who are in a far away place believing all they read on local news sites that like to bend and twist the truth with clickbait headlines and bias articles that conveniently omit many facts in a bid to sensationalise a story or those living here that never venture out their bubble and open their eyes to what is actually going on around them.

Street food

Sure the streets are empty on a Monday. As far as I know this is a city wide policy and is used as a “cleaning day” but the other six days a week it is business as usual.

There’s street food all over just like there has always been. Yes, a few areas have been cleared for one reason or another but with the size of Bangkok that is like a speck of dust on a ballroom floor.

A quick scan of Facebook pages run by Thais who complain about the selfish attitudes of stall owners blocking footpaths, clogging drains with oil and generally not giving a damn for anyone but themselves shows street stalls and food vendors haven’t disappeared at all.

Street stalls

And the same can be said about the street bars that line Sukhumvit. They are back and there are plenty of them. Just look at the photo below taken only last week at Asoke.

Not only are they taking up most of the footpath with tables and chairs but the inside lane of the road too with there mobile beer bar.

They run all the way from way past Soi Cowboy to the junction with Sukhumit Road.

Cross over and keep on walking and it won’t be long before you find more mobile bars to sit and drink at which are dotted all the way along as far as Soi 1 at the expressway.

No, there aren’t as many as there once was but there are plenty about on both the main road and sub sois.

Fantasy bar Asoke

Don’t believe all you read, there’s plenty of street food, loads of stalls selling all-sorts and plenty of illegal street bars for those who want one for the road.

Don’t take my word for it, go out and look around and see for yourself.

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