Now, There’s A First

Published on 5th November 2018 by Stickboy BKK

And no I’m not talking about Gav The Gaffer lifting the bin to pay it in Playskool after he was coerced into buying the mama a drink but that is how this story started.

We’d seen all there was to see and it was time to move on. As Gav lifted the bin to pay it I loudly said, “Now, there’s a first” but I wasn’t talking about my thrifty drinking companion, I was actually talking about the DJ who’d picked up the mic to announce a shift change for the dancers.

What took me by surprise was how clearly he’d spoken, like a pro. He even had the correct settings on his mic. Not the usual muffled madness you get from these low paid button pushers employed in the majority of Bangkok go-go bars.

But the DJ and Gav were not the only ones hearing, “Now, there’s a first” on #SlipperySunday. It turned out to be a theme for the entire night.

slippery sunday

My next port of call was Twister bar on the middle floor – the home of car alarm techno. But something was amiss as I ordered. There was no 145 bpm crap coming out the speakers, nope, the crowd were being entertained by a set of R&B and rap classics. Happy days.

Mind you, I didn’t stay long, it was a flying visit as I wanted to stick my head in a few bars so off I went up another level to Butterflies which has come on leaps and bounds in recent times.

I pull up a stool at my usual perch and take a look around. The DJ knows his stuff and has killed off his MC’ing skills much to my delight. A fun atmosphere and a happy crew working both stages.

GTG shows up and is soon pounced upon with an invite to have one of the dancing dollybirds join him. He asks for FOUR and off goes little Missy. I ask him what the hell he is going to do with four birds and he says, “Pick one, I’m not forking out for four lady drinks”.

We watched and waited but Missy didn’t return with four of her thirsty friends. Now, there’s another first. Normally they’d be queuing up.

A First

The next port of call was Erotica where the bikini babes are normally enthusiastic when it comes to doing their best to entice you into asking them to join you for a drink.

I’d have been as well changing my name to the invisible man. Now, don’t get me wrong, everyone was saying hello and smiling but that was it for the night. Maybe it was payday and they didn’t need the dosh. Who knows but yet another first.

It was close to midnight by now and three more bars were still to be ticked off the list but I’d met the Sexy Night crew on Friday at closing time and promised I’d join them at some point for a refreshment or three.

Not that they’d care or remember if I showed up or not but I like to try my best when I’ve said I’ll do something so off I go telling myself I’ll have a couple and be on my way. As they say, plans are made to be broken.

An unusual “Now, there’s a first” came in the way of me not taking over the playlist. I sat back and let others do the song selections which is rare. As I mentioned before, one of the reasons I enjoy Sexy Night is the music and I’m normally scribbling songs down like it is my own personal jukebox but last night I took a back seat. Don’t expect that to happen again anytime soon.

Beer, beer, more beer, a game of XO, more beer and then another “Now, there’s a first”.

The young service lass always takes good care of me. She goes to the 7-11 for smokes, fetches me money from the ATM, keeps me stocked with cold beer and for her efforts I always buy her a drink. Now she’s young and normally just has a Coke which is fine by me but I jokingly said to her last night are you going to have something stronger and she says, “Tequila”. Aye, sure.

tequila shot

A shot glass filled with clear liquid appears on the bar which i assumed was filled with water and her pulling my leg. I picked it up for a sniff and damn, it was the real deal. I wasn’t expecting that.

It was time to check my second bin, don’t ask, and head to Spanky’s to see Tricky Nicky for a nightcap.

In I go but the normally larger than life Nicky is as sober as a judge. “Now, there’s a first” at the back of two. He is usually charged up on Jagers and ready to party until sunrise but not on this occasion.

I’m starting to think there was some sort of full moon last night…

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