Nuked By YouTube

Published on 24th June 2018 by Stickboy BKK

With over 1300 posts in the video category and many of the older updates still popular years on, it comes with some disappointment that the majority of those clips are now unavailable following the termination of the main Stickboy YouTube channel this past week.

In recent months YT have been on a purge to rid their site of videos that were once acceptable but due to a change in direction owners Google want to take they are now killing off hundreds of thousands of channels in a bid to “clean up” and become more advertiser friendly in the hope that they might actually make some money out of the black hole they bought known as YouTube.

Google think they are going to turn it into the next Netflix and to do so a lot of content has got to go and Stickboy got caught up in their clear out deleting videos that are 3 and 4 years old citing they break community guidelines.

One clip from October 2015, “Phuket nightclub bouncers beating up tourists”, was flagged for review at the beginning of June and it was determined it violated the guidelines. This was handbags at dawn, nothing graphic about it.

Another was a foreign guy in Thailand either drunk or high making a fool of himself. This was hit with the hammer for “bullying and harassment”. Nobody touched the guy and the only other person in the clip was a Thai guy offering to help him.

Their website, their rules and this is THE issue with the likes of YT and Facebook.

They relied on user generated content to grow and become the giants they have. Now in powerful positions, and hoping to make as much money as possible, they piss all over the very people who helped put them where they are.

Nuked By YouTube

Appeals in my opinion are automated and most get binned with a canned response stating they aren’t reversing their decision. Which makes sense when you know they have a plan in motion.

For me YT was nothing more than a place to host videos for free. My channels, yes I have many, are not monetised as much of the content is owned by others but it was a good way to offload the burden of resource heavy video files.

Most of the recent clips should be okay as they are hosted by LiveLeak but there is nothing I can do about all the other content as I don’t archive video clips. It is a case of upload and delete locally.

Moving forward, I will distribute my video uploads across several hosts to prevent such widespread disruption should I find myself breaking some new set of rules that any of the hosting services introduce.

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