The “Sugar Daddy” Option

Published on 28th February 2015 by Stickboy BKK

Stepping into the world of online dating presents those with the savvy to weed out the gold diggers and freelancers touting for business the opportunity to not only meet some decent dating opportunities, one night stands and friends with benefits but also girls who are looking for a “sugar daddy”.

Now, it could be said these girls are mutton dressed as lamb, in other words, they are just hookers when it boils down to it because they are selling their bodies in return for financial gain. I guess you could look it that way if you want to but what they aren’t doing, well the majority, is sleeping with multiple men for money. I’m sure there are some who do but that is down to you to see them for what they are before getting involved.

The aim of these 20 something office workers and university girls is to find one guy who will give them monthly financial support in return for company, sex and whatever else is agreed upon.

Now I’m not talking cars and condos here. This isn’t a mia noi situation or setup where you might be expected to provide every last baht for every bill and living expense.

No, I’m talking around 15-20,000 baht a month and what you will get for that all comes down to several factors, mainly your negotiating skills and not being manipulated by a cute little sexpot who takes one look at you and thinks, soft touch.

sugar daddy

I’ll give one example of my own. You might get more or less in return for your money but it all comes down to what you feel is a good return on your monthly “investment”.

I found Kat a couple of years ago via one of the Thai dating sites, don’t recall which one. She was 24, went to uni and done part time work in an office. It didn’t take her long to say what she was looking for which suited me fine. No dancing round the fire with small talk and bullshit. She was looking for someone to give her X amount of money and in return she would be happy to “take care” of them.

After a bit of back and forth she said she needed 20k a month to subsidise her studies. In return for that she agreed to staying over one night a week plus a weekly visit for around 4 hours with a 2nd additional visit every other week. I’m a man who likes to dot the i’s and cross the t’s. It leaves no room for misunderstandings and everyone knows exactly where they stand and what is expected from the deal.

We arranged to meet at my place for what was nothing more than a test drive. There would be no point in any of it if a) we didn’t get on, or b) she was a starfish in the sack. For me it was nothing more than an easy, no hassle, drama free sex arrangement. At the time I was juggling too many women and was sick of it. I’d had enough of their moods, needs and immature drama. It was time for a change and an arrangement like this fitted the bill.

Kat came over and she was the horny nymph she said she was and the deal was sealed. We carried on our arrangement for about 4 or 5 months with no hassle what-so-ever. She kept up her end of the deal as agreed, I paid 10k twice a month into her bank.

There were no extra gifts or “dating” invoked either as might be expected from a true “Sugar Daddy”. The only place we ever met and were together was my place. Extra gifts or money was never mentioned and the set up only ended because we had basically fucked ourselves bored.

The “Sugar Daddy” option isn’t only hassle free, it’s also much cheaper than paying bar girls and bar fines. 10 barfines alone will set you back around 7,000b never mind the varying prices charged by your short time friend. And there is no certainty what service awaits you in that short time hotel that you’ll be paying 300 baht an hour.

My only advice for anyone trying this sort of arrangement is choose wisely and don’t be shy to say what you want out of it.

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