Some Old School Slap And Tickle

In the past decade, the chrome pole palaces of Thailand have changed in many ways that most agree is down to one thing and one thing only – the curse of the coyote.

Owners short on girls would hire in hotties for inflated fees to fill their stages but the effects on the go-go bar business have been massive.

Bars filled with “agency girls” are more the norm now than ever before with the old school slap and tickle joints disappearing rapidly but they are still around for those tired of being hassled to buy multiple drinks just for some company never mind being quoted funny money for barfines and short-time shenanigans.

An all-too-common complaint from readers to not only Stickboy but nightlife hounds in general chatting on Facebook groups and forums.

Some Old School Slap And Tickle

Bars like The Dollhouse, Angelwitch, Spanky’s, Glamour, Lollipop, The Strip, Sexy Night and Lighthouse to name a few still stick with the old school thinking that a go-go bar should be a fun place to hang out.

Sure, the owners of these bars want to make money but what they don’t have is pushy mamasans on big salaries and crazy commissions bugging the hell out of customers to empty their wallets in 60 seconds.

They instead go with the fun factor which for me is what it should be all about.

Punters go to have a good time, have a few drinks and perhaps head off with a bit of skirt for an hour or two of fun with.

There’s nothing worse than leaving a bar feeling shafted – and not in the literal sense.


Having bought a dancer a few drinks there’s nothing worse than asking her how much will it cost for some fun only to be told she doesn’t go with customers, she only dances and drinks leaving you questioning whether you are in a go-go bar or a no-go bar?

For those who have adopted the coyote concept, good luck to them as plenty of people want to hang out with hotties but for me, I’d rather spend my hard-earned having a laugh and getting a bit of leg over if it takes my fancy.