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Published on 2nd April 2015 by Stickboy BKK

stickboy one year on

I launched and started updating Stickboy Bangkok back in October 2013 with just a handful of news stories and galleries each week that brought around a thousand monthly pageviews. I didn’t promote the site in any way at that stage as my thinking was to build up content ahead of taking it full time in the new year. For reasons I can’t remember that was delayed by three months and I eventually set to work full time in the first week of April 2014.

A year on and the site continues to grow in both the amount of content added and visitor numbers. A weekly average of 70 updates across numerous categories and last week seen it surpass 100k pageviews in a week for the first time.

Everything takes time and I’m pretty pleased with the progress the site has made in 12 months. And most importantly, I’ve had a blast doing it despite it completely taking over my life. I’d say I spend about 15 hours a day on it, most of which is me parked in front of my screens despite most people thinking I’m out whoring and touring 7 nights a week. If only 555+. Yeah, there’s the out and about aspect of the job but in reality that accounts for just a fraction of the time.

Having stories syndicated on ThaiVisa for 4 months helped greatly in terms of site exposure, not so much in boosting numbers which is why I decided a couple of weeks ago to pull the plug on the arrangement. Deals of that sort must be balanced in benefiting both sides. It was my feeling the scales were tipped too heavily in ThaiVisa’s favour and despite a lot of back and forth we just couldn’t hammer out a deal agreeable to us both.

Social media has also played a huge part in the growth thanks to well known guys like Ajarn Phil and Dave The Rave, to name just two of many, who regularly share my updates.

The other surprising accomplishment, if you can call it that, is quite a few stories being picked up by well known news outlets across Europe with mentions in numerous tabloids from the UK, Germany, Italy, Czech Republic, Poland and a handful of others I can’t recall. I say accomplishment because as everyone who reads this site knows only too well I’m definitely no writer. Something that a guy like Bob James from the Bangkok Post will hammer out in ten minutes takes me an hour and even then it’s usually all over the place. it is what it is and for me getting the facts right is more important. Getting something wrong pisses me off no end. Luckily it doesn’t happen too often and when it does I always add an update to the article correcting any errors. So to all those who question my writing skills and enjoy a chuckle at my expense, carry on because I know myself and I’m certainly not trying to do or be something I’m not. My aim is purely to share what I see or know that might not otherwise be covered.

So where to next for Stickboy Bangkok?

A few things, such as the The Big Bangkok Breakfast Show, have been delayed. The radio plan will go ahead as it’s something I want to do but due to a large sponsor pulling out for reasons unknown just as the deal was set to be signed means it going live is on hold for the time being.

I’ve ended up dipping into my savings to the tune of around £7k (ish) to keep myself afloat in the past 12 months as advertisers are few and far between. Currently the website makes around 13k baht a month which considering the hours I put in is piss poor but the site is still new and not widely known and the niche is very competitive with older more established, higher trafficked sites pulling the advertisers baht which I’d do myself in their shoes.

This of course has me thinking when is it time to turn my attention to something more profitable. Spending 15 hours a day scanning for stories and creating content is fun, hours plugging away on social media is a laugh too, however, there comes a point when it actually has to start paying some bills.

And so the burning question I’m asking myself every day of late is when is it time to say enough is enough? I have a long term advertiser who took a six month deal and that must be honoured so I won’t be disappearing into the dark and not showing up one morning.

The most likely outcome is I will get a “real job” and just update Stickboy on a part time basis but as yet I haven’t made any concrete decision and will keep plugging away for the next month with my updates and bullshit. All I will say is it can’t go on forever the way it is no matter how much I love doing it.

To wind up here I’d like to say a BIG thanks to everyone who stops by the site to read my updates or check out the chick pics. All the followers on social media whose timelines and news feeds I flood with updates everyday and not to be forgotten are the handful of managers and bosses who keep me in the loop. Final thanks go to the guys who have put their hard earned cash my way for ads. ขอบคุณมากทุกคน

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