Your Online Teerak – How Many Others Is She Chatting With?

Published on 22nd June 2014 by Stickboy BKK

We all know that online dating is a numbers game and the girls like the guys have numerous “relationships” on the go at any given time. When I tried it out myself I usually had about 10 women chatting with me most days. As one would fall off the radar another would pop up but ten women on the go simultaneously would be a good guess.

I’m sure some guys juggle more than ten and the girls surely do the same but just how many guys some of the local ladies are chatting up at the same time may come as a surprise to you.

Lets use one girl I know through a friend as an example. We will call her Pun. She is 20 years old, kinda cute, a little puppy fat, dropped out of uni, works with her mother in a small restaurant when she isn’t too hungover and can drag herself out of bed.

She likes men and she likes sex. Sometimes she charges, sometimes she doesn’t. Some nights she arranges to meet one of her online friends for a few drinks if they are in town and then decides whether to take it any further or not. Other nights she heads to a bar on lower Sukhumvit where she will pick up a guy if he takes her fancy and is feeling horny or she needs some baht in her pocket.

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How she has time to work or party is surprising because she is constantly on her phone chatting with men. Lots of men. Skype, Line, WhatsApp, Messenger, and any other free way of chatting are all fired up and constantly pinging and dinging.

She makes excuses and stories up like there’s no tomorrow so she can disconnect one Skype call to take another whilst at the same time typing replies into various message boxes. And all these guys believe they are her one and only. If only they knew they were just one of sixty. Yes, 6-0.

Little Pun has 60 guys on the go ranging from a single 24 year old Italian mechanic to a married 71 year old Canadian retiree. They are all “in love” and they all want to marry her. Some have never stepped foot in Thailand and when I asked her how many live here, her reply was none.

I asked her what was her end game – to meet a handsome boyfriend to fulfil her nymph-like cravings for sex or was it a rich husband she was after? She didn’t really know. She just wants to have fun and meet some nice guys, maybe make a bit of cash if they meet up and went on to do the horizontal mambo. If they were to her liking then there would be no cash involved. No two men and no two days seemed to be the same with her.

I asked her further about the money side thinking that she was giving these fellas online the sick buffalo story but surprisingly she isn’t. She hasn’t asked one guy from overseas to send her a single baht.

And Pun is just one example I’m sharing here. I know others who aren’t in it for the sex. Yes, a couple of others I know chat to multiple guys but these girls own a few man-sized spades and do as much gold-digging as they can get away with.

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