Oskar Bistro Accused Of Racist Door Policy

Published on 6th May 2014 by Stickboy BKK

Following on from an allegation on Facebook, the popular Sulhumvit Soi 11 restaurant Oskar Bistro have hit back denying they have a racist door policy but they really need to think before they hit publish as they sent out contradictory messages via their Facebook page which just makes the whole situation a PR disaster.

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initially they denied all in the following message posted at 16.16 on May 6th.

Racist Door Policy fb update 1

Then a follow up message appeared at 16.32 on May 6th that admits they are investigating an “incident”.

Racist Door Policy fb update 2

I’m sorry but this response is all wrong. To mock that someone could have been refused entry by a doorman when an “incident” is still under investigation is ludicrous. If this investigation is still ongoing then how can they possibly comment that it didn’t happen? In my view, such a statement can only be made when every one involved has been asked to give their side of the story and the investigation completed.

Of course it would be easy for management to deny they are one and the same “incident” but they showed their hand by addressing it in the same update in which they attempt to refute that someone could be denied entry based on skin colour at their venue.

Whatever their door policy is at Oskar I have no idea. What I do know is they haven’t handled the PR very well when faced with a serious allegation of racism. In this modern world of Facebook and Twitter it can be tough to take away negativity of this sort.

Below is a copy of the FB status update that accuses Oskar of having a racist door policy.

Oskar Bistro On Soi 11 Accused Of Racist Door Policy

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