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New Lights Still Suck

Good News, Bad News: Crazy House’s New Lights Still Suck

Even its most ardent fans will agree, Crazy House may be the worst-designed go-go bar on the planet. Chief among its faults has been...
hillary 4 songkran 2019

Stickboy Does Songkran

What possessed me to down tools last Friday and take a wander up to Soi 4 to see what Songkran shenanigans were taking place...
The Ultimate Guide To Songkran In Bangkok 2019

The Ultimate Guide To Songkran In Bangkok 2019 [Sponsored]

Celebrating Songkran in Bangkok should be on any traveller’s bucket list, no matter what else you have planned for your Thailand holiday. For three...
5 Years Of Stickboy Bangkok

5 Years Of Stickboy Bangkok

This month Stickboy Bangkok celebrates five years online as a full-time entity with lots of thrills and spills along the way. Many thought it would...
Dry Your Eyes And Give Your Liver A Day Off

Dry Your Eyes And Give Your Liver A Day Off

The occasional booze bans in Thailand bring out the expat alcoholics in their droves as they take to social media to rant, rave and...
time to relax

Time To Relax

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago I need to take a proper break to recharge my batteries, gather my thoughts and put into...
First Impressions Kazy Kozy Soi Cowboy

First Impressions: Kazy Kozy Soi Cowboy

Two nights in is far, far too early to render judgment on a new go-go bar, but given the anticipation behind what was assumed...
No Ordinary Thursday Night

No Ordinary Thursday Night

I knew things would be messy on Thursday night, and when I say messy I mean it in every sense of the word, and...
Less Stress

More Sleep, Less Stress

You might have noticed over the past month or so I have taken my foot off the gas and stopped updating Facebook and Twitter...
Not Just Buying A Beer

You’re Not Just Buying A Beer

I will never understand people rattling on about Happy Hour prices, drink deals or promos stating how much cheaper beer is at this or...
No Passport

Tales From The Front: No Passport. No Pounds. No Problem!

Stickboy, Budget Bobby and the Preston Potter walked into a bar…. It started as a normal Slippery Sunday, with pints of Magners and lots of...
Barfines Gone Bonkers

Barfines Gone Bonkers

The cost of a night out in any one of Bangkok's naughty nightlife areas comprising of a few drinks and a roll in the...
time to quit

Time To Quit The Cancer Sticks

Quitting smoking is something I've tried many times before and every time I have failed fast but this past week or so it has...
Staying On The Rails

Staying On The Rails

We've all heard the saying, "Bangkok has you now" and others along the same line which is, for many, pretty close to the truth. People...
Rahaf Mohammed al-Qunun

Mass Manipulation: Rahaf Has Taken You All For A Ride

This piece is not about the mistreatment of women in Saudi Arabia or any other country in the world, it is about ordinary people...
Email Of The Week

Email Of The Week: Bad Eyesight And A Dodgy Ticker

TTB from Hua Hin is back with another tale and another Email Of The Week award. Today's 'Incredible But True' story from Thailand. This morning I'm...