Pattaya Closing Early? You’re Having A Laugh

Published on 16th August 2015 by Stickboy BKK

The much talked about Section 44 order of July 23rd was the topic of a meeting held on Friday night that was chaired by Banglamung District Chief Chakorn Kanjawattana and attended by Pattaya City, Nongprue Sub-district and Banglamung Council officials, police and Chonburi Excise Office representatives.

Everyone attending the meeting agreed to punish any entertainment venues to the full extent of the law, which now includes a five year closure and a ban for the owner, if they are found to be violating the month old Section 44 order that includes bars and clubs allowing entry and serving booze to anyone under the age of 20 or opening beyond their permitted operating times as detailed in their license and permits. Fighting and drugs were also mentioned as areas to be tackled. Oh, and noisy bars are to be targeted too. Zzz….

The purpose of this meeting was nothing more than those in charge letting business owners know authorities have the tools to shut them down at the drop of a hat if they step out of line.

Of course, they always had the power to take action for all the points outlined above but the addition of a five year closure to the years old laws is the deal breaker.

Pattaya Closing Early You Are Having A Laugh

The truth is, there isn’t going to be a crackdown of any sort on closing times in Pattaya. It really is that simple. Officials have already shut down a nightclub for violating the Section 44 order only a few weeks ago.

Face Club was ordered closed for five years a week after the new law came into force for selling underage customers alcohol and operating without proper licenses.

All in attendance at Friday nights meeting are fully aware of the new laws and it is precisely this type of bar they will target. Not the tourist traps of Walking St and the like who make substantial monthly contributions to local charities.

A stroll down Walking St last night at 3am seen how many go-go bars still in full swing? Nudge your watch forward a couple of hours and several nightclubs were packed to the rafters. Officials knew full-well entertainment venues didn’t close at 2am as they are legally supposed to.

So what about all the threats and warnings from the meeting held the previous night that they would strictly be enforcing the updated laws? Just more hot air like the jet ski scam crackdowns.

Pattaya bars and clubs closing early? You’re having a laugh.

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