Pattaya Cops Talk The Talk, Battered Tourists Take A Walk

Published on 15th February 2016 by Stickboy BKK

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Despite all the hot air that blows out the offices of officials down in Sin City about keeping visitors safe, it seems to me preserving the good image of Thailand around the world and boosting tourist confidence is the last thing on the minds of Pattaya police if their recent actions are anything to go by.

Investigations into two incidents over the weekend involving foreign tourists being assaulted by bar staff and baht bus drivers have already been concluded, according to news reports, without a single person being charged despite a dozen people being involved and the victims identifying their attackers.

Now there’s confidence for tourists right there. Come to Pattaya, get assaulted and/or robbed and we will appear to do something about it but in the end, do nothing,

bar staff Pattaya allegationsCanadian teachers beaten up by go-go bar staff

The brawl in a go-go bar in the early hours of Friday morning involving two Canadian women holidaying in Thailand for the first time has been swiftly swept under the carpet after a waitress told police the women were troublemakers and had hospitalised another member of staff earlier in the night.

This was the same woman identified by the two victims at the police station on the morning of the attack. She returned later in the day, without the tourists present, to “clear her name”.

My train of thought here is if the teachers had injured one of her friends so bad she had to be sent to the hospital, I doubt very much they’d have been in any fit state to carry on drinking and they’d have been taking a trip to the hospital themselves and not adding to their 5k bill.

Police said the matter was closed unless the tourists returned to make further statements relating to the allegations they assaulted a member of staff prior to them being beat up at the end of the night.

Sitting for hours in a police station giving statements to officers who can barely understand a word of English isn’t exactly how two first-timers to Thailand want to spend their holiday, something the upstanding officers of Pattaya know only too well.

Also of note here is the time the attack took place… well after the legal closing time but why should police worry about such trivial details as the bar being open beyond its legal operating time?

Uzbeki tourist attacked baht bus driver PattayaUzbeki tourist attacked by baht bus driver

Then we have baht bus driver and his eight mates who assaulted an Uzbeki tourist in the early hours of Saturday morning because he asked another driver for a better price.

In the beating that followed, the 21-year-old man lost his passport and wallet that he said contained around $1,000. His statement was taken, some pointing pics were snapped at the scene of the attack and he was sent packing whilst a thorough investigation was carried out.

On Saturday afternoon three Thai men showed up at Pattaya police station to hand in the passport and wallet one of them claims to have found on his way home. The men also wanted to give police their side of the story too despite one of them telling cops he wasn’t even there when the attack took place.

The Uzbeki man was called down the station to collect his belongings and whilst there he identified one of the men as the baht bus driver who attacked him.

When he checked his wallet it had 2,000 baht and 116 dollars inside which was way short of what he claimed it contained when he lost it but that was neither here nor there to the superintendent dealing with the case.

The general conscientious was he should be thankful for getting it back at all.

As for his alleged attacker and his two mates, well, for being such upstanding citizens and returning the foreigners belongings, they were all free to go without charge.

Pattaya Tourist Police Walking St

Now, I’m not for a minute suggesting any of the tourists didn’t in some way contribute to the situations they found themselves in going from fixable to fistycuffs.

Booze was involved and no doubt some back chat, cussing and bravado too – from all involved.

My point is regardless of who said what, be it the Canadians calling the bar staff a bunch of f**king idiots or the Uzbeki telling the baht bus driver he was a prick, resorting to violence when a tourist isn’t willing to put up with anyone’s bullshit or blatant scamming is the norm.

Those working in and around the tourist traps of Pattaya know the worst they can expect is a slap on the wrists and so the stories of foreigners being attacked, robbed and scammed just keep coming.

Pattaya police chief Sukthat PumpunmuangPattaya police chief Sukthat Pumpunmuang, brother of former national police chief

What’s unfortunate is that the Tourist Police Division are very minor players in a town with 9.8 million tourists last year.

They have a relatively small force, rely far too heavily on foreign volunteers – which have had a years-long record of having bent or criminal members themselves – and their station isn’t even located a in tourist area but up on Pratamnak Hill, where you just can’t stroll in after a bender on Walking Street.

The best solution for Pattaya would be to double the number of Tourist Police Division officers and relocate their substation to Beach Road or Second Road – somewhere very accessible – and make them responsible for dealing with most tourist-related crime thus putting the Soi 9 station in the back seat.

But Pattaya is a plum assignment for RTP officers and they aren’t going to easily give up their lucrative jurisdiction to tourist police just as they aren’t going to start worrying about what the world thinks about a few foreigners getting beat up or robbed by locals every other week.

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